Student body sports matching attire for Sadie Hawkins
Blackbeard's, bowling entertain at anual event

For the anual Sadie Hawkins, the students explore various activities at BlackBeards Family Entertainment Center, April 21. The students spent three hours there before moving on to AMF Sierra Lanes for midnight bowling.
April 23, 2012

Once a year, girls are given the opportunity to ask a guy to Sadie Hawkins, where the attendees participate in casual activities , April 21. This year, Sadies was held at both BlackBeard's Family Entertainment Center and AMF Sierra Lanes.

The theme of the night was "Score One for Sadies" which focused on sports, giving students the room for creativity in their choices. Each couple wore matching attire ranging from referee shirts to pollo uniforms.

The night commenced at FC where Mullins Studio provided optional services for professional pictures. The group of about 100 students then traveled on busses to BlackBeard's. Upon arrival, Chick-fil-A catered chicken sandwiches along with chips, and cookies for dessert.

After three hours of riding various attractions, playing arcade games and racing go karts, students again boarded onto the busses, where they arrived at Sierra Lanes. Ending the night with two games of bowling, the party headed back to school where parents were there to pick them up.

After a few months of planning, Student Leadership Adviser Jane Gillespie feels that the overall goal of the night was accomplished.

"Everything went exactly how I envisioned it to go," Gillespie said. "The timing was perfect, and everything worked out including the food. All we needed was some more Chick-fil-A sauce."

"The only thing I wished was different was how big our attendance was. Every year we get more and more people to come, I just hope we can eventually get the entire student body involved." -- Jane Gillespie, Student Leadership Adviser

Though the weather proved to be the hottest day of the year, reaching a high of 95 degrees, students still found ways to enjoy their time. Freshman Aaron DeWolf attended his first Sadies, which satisfied his presumptions.

"My date and I dressed up as the San Francisco Giants," DeWolf said. "My favorite part was probably BlackBeard's because we had a lot of fun on the go karts. Even though it was very hot, for my first Sadies, this was great. It fulfilled all of my expectations."

Other students who had not attended previous years enjoyed the activities the event provided. Junior Juan Ruelas especially appreciated the multiple locations.

"I really liked Sadies because it was a new experience for me and I had a lot of fun at Blackbeard's," Ruelas said. "I was really surprised by how much entertainment there was, and I especially enjoyed my time when we went bowling."
About 100 FC students arrived at the anual Sadie Hawkins event where busses transported the group from BlackBeards Family Entertainment Center to AMF Sierra Lanes before arriving back at the school near midnight.

Returning Sadies attendee Brandi Thompson, '12, who has appeared at all four Sadies in her high school years, pegs this year's as the best in terms of theme.

"My favorite part about Sadies is that everyone is together and you get to bond with different people," Thompson said. "I've gone all four years and I think this year had the best theme because my date [Brandon McCormick, '13] and I dressed up pretty crazy. We dressed up as dodgeball players and made our own shirts, wore shorts shorts and spandex, long socks, tennis shoes, headbands, wristbands and took dodgeballs with us."

Despite the positive feedback, Gillespie wants to raise expectations for the coming years in order to include more of the student body.

"The only thing I wished was different was how big our attendance was," Gillespie said. "Every year we get more and more people to come, I just hope we can eventually get the entire student body involved."

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Score one for Sadies!

Posted by "Sarah Lim" on April 30, 2012 at 0:05 a.m.

Sadies was so much fun this year and leadership did an awesome job putting everything together! Great article, Tynin!

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