Swinging back into golf season!


Aubrey Graham and Aubrey Graham

The Feather Online

It’s that time of year! As the spring season begins, FC golf is back out on the green, starting in mid-February.

Coached by James Garcia, 10 students practice after school at Valley Golf Center.

Garcia has played golf recreationally for 10 years and decided to assist in coaching the FC team this season.

The opportunity to build relationships with students is my favorite part about coaching,” Garcia said. “Golf and running have a lot of things in common, they both take a mental toughness to get through each round of golf or each race.”

Garcia hopes to see each golfer improve this season as they push to win the league.

Watching students have to push themselves to limits that they may not even know is so rewarding as a coach,” Garcia said. “As much as golf is an individual sport, in high school it is a team sport.”

Junior Blake Bridges has played golf since he can remember and has competed for the school team for four years.

“I love how golf is more of an individual sport,” Bridges said. “This makes it easier to discourage negative talk, build each other up and cheer everyone on.”

To support Bridges and the rest of the team, look forward to their next tournament, March 28.

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