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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Year of Rizzo declared

An imaginary character does not normally become so talked about to the point of actually existing. Rizzo, the rat from the television show, The Muppet Show, has achieved that status. Rizzo lives on campus thanks to the inventive minds of some students and their teacher Greg Stobbe.

“When some students visited California Adventure in Anaheim this past summer, they began talking about the 3-D Muppet show and Rizzo,” Stobbe, English teacher, said. “During my high school years, the Muppets were a huge hit and now they are back for a new generation.”

According to, Rizzo was born in Brooklyn, NY, and first emerged on screen in the Passaic premiere of Willard. Even though he started out as a street rat, Rizzo knew he would one day succeed.

“I saw all those rats on ‘da big screen and thought, hey I can do ‘dat,” Rizzo said.

While Rizzo has many pressing movie requests, he still finds time to visit Fresno, according to Sam Fisher, ’03.

“Rizzo and I go a long ways back,” Fisher said. “I remember when he first came to my house and got caught in a mouse trap. I felt pity for him so I let him go and now he visits me regularly.”

Rizzo has many relatives, possibly even the house rat of the infamous gravedigger from William Shakespeare’s classic play, Hamlet. Stobbe would like to see a Muppet version of the play with Gonzo and Rizzo portraying Rosencrantz and Guidenstern.

The gravedigger’s rat, has been purported to be Rizzo’s great, great, great… great granduncle twice removed. Additionally, one student claims he has seen Rizzo’s cousin in the central Valley.

“When I was shopping,” Michael Abajian, ’04, said, “I saw Rizzo’s cousin in captivity at the discount Disney Store in Clovis. They were actually trying to sell Rizzo’s own cousin!”

Although Rizzo has many supporters, he is not loved by everyone on campus.

“I don’t like that rat,” Brian Casey, ’03, said. “His constant smiling, his teeth and his size all annoy me. I’m going to take that smile and turn it upside down.”L

Even though he was caught in a mousetrap, Rizzo and Fisher have maintained a good relationship.

“We like to go to the movies and every night I read him Three Blind Mice,” Fisher said. “Rizzo also likes me to take him to Whitie’s Pets so he can visit some of his friends that are locked up in there.”

While Rizzo supposedly is only an imaginary character, students purportedly have had many interesting experiences with him and will undoubtedly have many more. After all, according to Stobbe, “This is the year of Rizzo.”

For more information on the Muppets or Rizzo in general, go online at or For information on how to purchase Muppets videos or CDs, go online at

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