Governor calls for education reforms

Other Staff

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger began to push his political agenda last week by giving the annual State of the State address. Tensions currently run high in Sacramento, especially on the issues of education and establishing a budget.

Gov. Schwarzenegger seems fairly optimistic about the reforms, which will benefit California through his administration. His speech specifically calls for a ?bold new era’.

However, Gov. Schwarzenegger’s ambitions for the reforms know no bounds. He stated earlier that he will not let lawmakers deadlock any of the reforms and threatens to bypass the legislature and use the judicial branches as another means to achieve his goals. He asks the citizens of California for their support to help pressure lawmakers.

“I look forward to working with you on the people’s business,” Gov. Schwarzenegger said. “We have a lot to do, and I believe we can do it” (“Governor calls for ?bold new era'”, The Sacramento Bee, Jan. 6, 2005).

One of the more sensitive issues pressed by the governor was education; specifically budget cuts and teachers. In the future, teachers will be paid on merit and not tenure. More money will go towards state universities and schools, without raising taxes.

“I am applying to Cal Poly and Fresno State,” Karen Tolladay, ’05, said. ” I appreciate the lengths the governor will go to increase funding for education. People should have the chance to go to college.”

For upcoming freshmen, whether students go to a public or private university, tuition costs and financial aid take a part in separating the realistic universities and desired colleges.

“I like what Gov. Schwarzenegger is doing,” James Brown, ’06, said. “The increased funding would benefit me a lot. Also, I think my parents will appreciate it.”

The Cal Grant is a form of financial aid; the state of California hands out money to students in need. Students who receive Cal Grants do not need to pay them back. The grants are awarded to students whose grade point average qualifies. They are given on a first come, first served basis to those who qualify.

“I am applying for the Cal Grant so that I can attend a private university,” Danae Cook, ’05, said. “It will help offset the costs of tuition.”

For more information regarding Gov. Schwarzenegger’s state of the state address and its influence on education contact the high school office at 299-1695 or look at the Sacramento Bee online.