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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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What's in your pocket?

Some people carry a wallet, others carry their car keys. Some used to carry pocketknives with them, until it became a public offense. Without a doubt, people carry strange and foreign items in their pockets.

Saagar Patel, ’05, chooses to carry one napkin in his left pocket, and three napkins in his right.

“You never know when you might need a napkin,” Patel said. “They are useful in so many ways.”

While business cards do not soak up spills, some carry them anyways. Bryce Fonda, ’06, carries around 30. He also brings a speedometer with him as he goes to and from school on his bike.

“I like to keep a speedometer with me,” Fonda said. “It helps me to see how in shape I am as I ride my bike to school.”

Along with his speedometer, Fonda also carries his bank and social security numbers and an army card in case he wants to join the army. He has $1.20 in change, a Pizza Factory gift certificate, a picture of him and his brother, his school ID, a Berean gift certificate and three guitar picks.

In the same day Fonda also carries with him a Sacagawea gold coin that he keeps for good luck.

“Some things I also have for good luck,” Fonda said. “I don’t believe in luck, but it is still fun to carry around.”

Fonda also brings his Bible verses so he can study them and a pencil for his classes. He also carries a Pop Tart just in case he gets the munchies.

Other students carry a more themed variety of objects in their pockets.

“I bring everything that a gamer would need,” Kevin Gibes, ’05, said. “I have a whole entertainment system in my pocket.”

Gibes always has his Game Boy Advance with him, along with his many assorted games. Gibes even has a Nintendo wallet with his ID, a blockbuster card, $4.30 and a library card. He always brings nail clippers, a pen and three keys with him.

Some students carry certain items on certain days, particularly when they have a job.

“This is my off day,” Kyle Gentz, ’05, said. “Usually I have a palm pilot which has everything I need for my day, including a built in Bible, and a day planner.”

Gentz carries two key rings with him, one with six keys, and the larger with 16. He also has a map on yellow paper to a place that he cannot remember. He brings a pen and pencil with him so he will not have to always look for one.

“I do not like to throw many things away,” Gentz said. “I still have all my I.D. cards and all the receipts that I get.”

In Gentz’s wallet there is a debit card, license, senior pass, and his student I.D. cards from every year. He also has a lot of ATM receipts, a never returned hotel key and $3.12 in change. He still has a flier for “The Spot” on Sept. 18 (which he never attended) and a two-week-old late slip that was never used because he was actually on time.

“Everything I have with me is for a reason,” Gentz said. “I plan on using every coupon and gift card I have.”

Incredibly, Gentz also has a free movie ticket, an Alpha Graphics business card, Costco Cash, many assorted gift cards, a snickers coupon and a Denny’s coupon. Gentz also has his cell phone with him at all times.

You can learn a lot about a person by what they carry with them. Try asking someone “What’s in your pocket?” today.

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