Mock queen pageant winner decided by final event

Other Staff

Five senior queen hopefuls competed on the soccer field for the right to be Homecoming queen during Homecoming week on Nov. 1. With events meant to humble what may normally be a prissy compeition, Samantha Kimball ran, dove, smashed and painted her way to a one point victory over Chelsea Myers.

Dressed in mismatched, athletic sportswear, the girls smashed eggs with dead fish, ran through a muddy obstacle course, ate oatmeal without their hands and applied face make-up to king hopefuls.

Annie Falk, Myers, Jessica Radtke, Kimball and Nikki Hill all competed despite muddy conditions and less than complimentary events. Each contestant dove through a wet slip ?n slide and muddy obstacle course that left the girls dirty throughout the competition.

“It was an honor to win but embarrassing because I was the best at making a fool out of myself,” Kimball said. “Normally one does not become a queen through humiliation but it was still fun because it took the seriousness out of it. These competitions are so silly.”

The king pageant took place after lunch on Nov. 2 in Ground Zero. Casey Belmont, ?02, won the competition and will represent the school and his peer during the Homecoming halftime show.

The queen pageant competition continues on Nov. 2 at Clark Stadium in Clovis for Homecoming as the queen and princesses will be announced. The football team is playing Strathmore beginning at 5 p.m. The half time activities will also include the float competition.