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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Spare a moment, watch the game

Two weeks ago Alec Kneefel, ’05, began working on an article exposing the lack of fan support for the football team. This frustrating trend has never been demonstrated more completely than on Homecoming night, Oct. 22.

The football team carried their one point lead into the fourth quarter, after both teams spent an entire 15 minutes without scoring. By the time the two teams finished their short water break between the 3rd and 4th quarters, the fans’ vision of the field was obscured by the floats making their second lap around the track.

The two teams traded blows for about five minutes while the fans had no choice but to watch the high schoolers ride by on brightly decorated trailers.

How can we criticize these students and call them attention starved when all we are doing is asking for more attention? The answer is simple.

The entire Homecoming week is devoted to festivities having nothing to do with football.

While the players spend the week focusing on gearing up for the big night, the rest of the school observes queen candidates consuming vomit-inducing concoctions.

Even after this week of pageantry, there is still the halftime show and Homecoming dance to enjoy. As if this was not enough, the attendants of the game could not spare an hour and a half to watch the game.

These are merely examples of the latest trend growing steadily more popular. The trend is to go to football games as social gatherings and spend the two hours chatting with friends.

For a select few dedicated fans, comprised mostly of parents and teachers, the growing trend has become exasperating.

After the game I (Jesse) talked with Cale Livingston, ’04, who had attended the entire game. After a bit of small talk Livingston asked, “So did you guys win?”

Obviously it is the fans’ prerogative whether or not they actually watch the game, but I can speak for the entire football team when I say there are few things more galling than pushing through rain, hurt backs and occasionally even broken bones to play a game that barely anyone watches.

When we traveled to Farmersville on Oct. 8, the fans hung with us to the last second of our one-point victory. With near record attendance at the game for Homecoming, the atmosphere should have been just as intense, if not more. Instead, I was asked by a number of people whether or not we won!

Senior Nic Westburg was talking a few weeks ago about his new idea for football games. He suggested that there should be live music, with him playing.

Whatever happened to just watching the game? If you want a party go to a party.

No matter how many disappointing “fans” ignore the true point of the football game, there are always those who do not.

To those parents and few students that come to support the sacrifices made by the football team, we give our gratitude. There are few things that can motivate a team more than a few followers cheering their hearts out.

Just to let you know, football’s last game is at Tranquillity on Nov. 12 beginning at 7:30 P.M.

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