9-foot burrito disappears in minutes

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As the home economic students gathered around the exterior of the massive burrito, teacher Sharon Scharf commanded the troops, directing them to fold in unison. Being only the second annual “Burrito Mania,” many students didn’t know what to expect.

“I’ve never made a burrito so big before,” Kara Moser, ?03, said. “There was so much food on the table that I couldn’t wait to eat the whole thing but Mrs. Scharf stopped me before I became a size 15. It was really cool.”

The class used four pounds of spiced hamburger, three pounds of cheese, 30 tortillias, a head of lettuce, one jar of La Victoria salsa, five large tomatoes, sliced olives, 32 ounces of sour creme, making it a behemouth compared to everyday burritos.

“I got to squeeze the sour cream out of its bag and run across the burrito with it,” Ashley Knepper, ?03, said. “I also wrote happy burrito on it with sour cream because Kara said the burrito looked happy.”

According to Scharf, her passion for good food and cooking carries itself into the classroom but not before careful preparation and planning.

“It took me several years of making the La Victoria recipes before I had the courage to tackle the nine-foot burrito,” Sharf said. “This has to be the highlight of our foods and nutrition semester in home economics.”

Due to the burrito’s size, it quickly became evident that it would be impossible for the class alone to consume it. Scharf took matters into her own hands, and began distributing burrito fragments to fortunate bystanders.

“The burrito was a piece of heaven,” Tyler Wiebe, ?04, said. Wiebe happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Eventually, the burrito was distributed in 4th period art class, where it only lasted 10 minutes in a Shark-like feeding frenzy.

Overall, the class seemed pleased with the results.

“The class worked together as a team,” Whitney Luallen, ?03, said. “It was so cool to make the burrito; it was unique in size but I was disappointed with its taste because the beans got cold.”

“The burrito was delicious because I picked my olives off and gave them to Jordan (Peterson, ?04),” Marcy Frose, ?04, said.