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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

Letter to the Editor
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Parenting techniques evaluated

“You’re grounded!” yells a mom to her son, as he slinks in the door 30 minutes past his curfew.

“That’s not fair! There was traffic and I couldn’t make it in time,” the son retorts.

“I don’t care what you think is fair, I am the parent and I say you’re grounded,” cries the angered mother, ending the debate.

“Well, when I have my own kids, I sure won’t be like you!” says the son as he slams the door to his room.

Conversations like these are a common occurrence amongst families today. Many children seem to disagree with some of their parents’ decisions.

While this topic was discussed in senior English classes, one major question that arose was, “Do you disagree with the way you were raised?” During the discussion, students were given the chance to offer their insights.

“I don’t agree with my parents’ choice to never allow sleepovers,” Carina Moran, ’05, said. “They’re also very strict with rules like curfew, hanging out with friends and dating.”

Moran believes her parents’ strict behavior is connected with their Cuban heritage.

“We’re Latin, and my grandparents were strict raising them (her parents),” Moran said.

Whitney Ensom, ’05, also opposes her parents’ choices regarding social aspects.

“They wouldn’t let me drive with other people my age until recently,” Ensom said. “I think that since they already give me other freedoms and responsibilities, I can be wise enough to choose safe people to ride with.”

Tom McEntee, drama and Bible teacher, agrees with most of his parents’ methods of child rearing.

“My parents did a great job raising an unsaved teenager- me,” McEntee said. “I didn’t believe in Jesus until I was 24, so I was something of a rebel.”

However, he believes his rebellion was heightened because his parents placed him in a public school.

“Given the times we live in today, that’s one thing I would do differently,” said McEntee. “I would not send my child to a public school.”

McEntee, a new father as of Dec. ’03, plans on paralleling his parents’ positive strategies with his children.

“My parents based their house rules on the Bible,” said McEntee. “They were careful not to be too lenient or too legalistic. I want to follow that example.”

Other students also recognize and appreciate many rules and principles their parents ingrained in them.

“I agree with the way my parents don’t put pressure on me to get perfect grades,” Ensom said. “They just encourage me to do my best.”

Moran also aims to follow in her parent’s footsteps in many areas.

“Like my parents, I will make sure God is the most important thing in my home,”” Moran said. “”I’ll also make sure my children have respect for their mom and dad at all times, and, even though I hated it when I was little, I’ll spank my kids. It did me good in the end.””

McEntee can be reached at [email protected] for more information.” “” “” “” “” “Insert text here

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