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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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College students offer insight

For most incoming college freshmen, sharing a 12′ by 5′ space with a complete stranger, navigating an unfamiliar campus and finding a place to sit in a cafeteria full of well-adjusted upperclassmen unnerves even the bravest. Yet, these obstacles must be overcome.

While freshmen are understandably nervous, current college students encourage them not to stress about their first day in a dorm. They maintain that living with a roommate is not as hard as it might appear, and they offer advice to students to help them make a clean transition.

“Go into the year understanding that you are living with a person who may not share your same set of customs or values,” Jeanine Herrick, RA at Fresno State, said. “Be prepared to listen, understand and compromise.”

Herrick recommends that students sit down right away with their roommate to discuss the common issues of sharing a living space.

“Be very proactive at the beginning about understanding each other’s sleeping habits, cleanliness habits, pet peeves, property boundaries, and other issues,” Herrick said. “Decide if you can or cannot use each other’s computers and if you will or will not eat each other’s food.”

Other students also stress that talking with their roommate is a great way for students to avoid conflicts.

“Communication is key,” Michelle Harbour, freshman at The Master’s College, said. “If I’ve learned anything from living with a roommate this year it has to be humility.

“I’ve also realized that all the problems I’ve had with my roommate are centered around my pride. I’ve been told that living with a roommate is great practice for living with a future spouse. That is one huge reason to work at getting along with your roommate.”

College students also encourage seniors to be ready to get involved at college.

“Step way out of your comfort zone everyday,” Beth Yanez, ’03, current student at University of San Diego, said. “In college, everyone is ?the new kid’ so that is the time to be yourself and shine.”

While pushing students to be willing to do new things, Yanez recommends that they also do some things that are familiar.

“Find out what is really important to you and go for it,” Yanez said. “Make sure your time is wisely used for those things. You should also stay in contact with your high school friends. You’ll make tons of new friends in college, but your friends at home are always there for you.”

Most students feel that they have benefited from their time in the dorms and that it is a worthwhile learning experience.

“Dorm life is an essential experience for a person,” Herrick said. “You will learn how to live in a community, how to share a bathroom and how to build relationships with 40 other people in your hallway that you may otherwise never have talked to. It’s a great challenge.”

For more information about getting along with a roommate visit Or, check out the dorm guides posted on most college’s websites for specific information about the college in question.” “” “” “” “” “Student Now

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