Drama performance enhances chapel experience

Other Staff

Students pushed and crowded their way into limited seating to catch more than a glimse of their own drama team’s latest concoction of creativity and acting talent in chapel on Nov. 8. By the time the presentation was complete, the audience had eruped into laughter numerous times, and had been forced to reexamine their own lives.

“Small Talk,” the latest feature from Tom McEntee’s drama class, featured the story of a bible study class, whose members were plagued with personal doubts and problems. A

“I thought they did a great job,” McEntee said. “It takes guts to get up there in front of your peers and they showed they’ve got what it takes.”

Some members of the drama team were skeptical at first as to how well the skit would be accepted by the audience.

“I thought it was going to be stupid, but it was okay,” Sheree Temple, ?03, said.

Temple was joined on stage by teammates Jamie Meadows, ?03, Jessica Hannickel, ?05, and Kim Zurisk, ?02.

The skit dealt with the superficiality of teens despite meeting under the guise of bible study and prayer groups. Even when talking about serious topics, most often spiritual discussion degenerates into small talk of social events, shopping or dating.

“I’m glad that the skit went over well,” Meadows said. “We thought people would think it is dumb, so I’m glad it went over well. I hope the students were able to relate to the skit and work at deeping their understanding of who they are in Christ.”