Book fair showcases Christian works in library

Other Staff

Christian books have proved to be an inspiration to many and John and Sally Osaki have taken it upon themselves to spread this inspiration to students. The Osaki’s sponsored a Book Fair, Nov. 5-9 during breaks and after school in the FCS library. The Osaki’s are book-lovers themselves and that is what started them in the business.

“We started buying books from places like Savemart and Vons and began thinking about starting our own business,” Osaki said. “We compiled our own collection of books and began distributing them.”

Spreading the word and sending a message of encouragement are the Osaki’s sole reasons for entering the book business. Originally from Gilroy, the Osaki’s send out fliers to surrounding schools, leaving it up to them to respond and schedule the event.

“Our love of books and Christ got us started in the business,” Osaki said. “The purpose of our ministry is spread the word through inspirational Christian books.”
The Osaki’s travel around the state spreading the gospel through their books. Many books will be on sale there by various authors such as Frank Peretti and Max Lucado. Books aimed toward children and high school students alike will be available.

Lin Brown, campus librarian, is available for more information, but is not directly involved in the event. She can provide further information on how to contact the Osaki’s.