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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Starstruck’s lyrics share God’s love through secular lyrics

Though Starstruck is a Christian based band, they deal with many struggles of teenage angst within their music. Starstruck’s Christian lyrics set the stage in their self titled album during the first track, “Another One”.

“”I am not understood, burning me away like you should,” sings lead singer Jamie Cecy in, “Another One”. “I’m not comprehended, that’s okay, I’m going to heaven.””

“Another One” shows the instrumental skills of the band, with Derek Departee at the lead guitar and Chris Simonson backing him with second guitar. Jesse Kennedy adds to the music with his drumming and Nate Glazebrooke dampens the beat with his bass.

In my opinion, the Christian lyrics are uplifting and the band is great, but the lead singer can’t keep up with the heavy tune of the band.

“”I’ve listened to the album and I like the style of music. The band was good,” Tim Gomez, ’04, said. “The lead singer doesn’t go very well with the band; she doesn’t have a strong enough voice. The band may need to consider getting a new lead singer.”” E

Starstruck’s album is a mixture of screaming guitar rifts and heavy beats in the four song CD. The songs are an accumulation of fast choruses and slow verses.

“”They have the simple song style,” Rory Winch, ’05, said, “but the guitar and lead singer didn’t seem like they were working very well together.””

The lead guitar normally is a important asset to a rock band and when a lead singer cannot follow along and mix with the guitar, the music will fumble.

Despite the lead singer, the band has a great message. They are able to get the message out to many local kids in the Fresno area. They are dedicated Christians and that is what we need in music. I would recommend this album for anyone who wants to worship through music.
For more information on Starstruck, go to Their CDs are on sale locally only at their concerts.

Starstruck next plays at the Fresno State Recreational Club barbeque on Nov. 9 from 4-5 p.m. They are also scheduled to play at Elementz, a Christian nightclub in the Tower District, on Nov. 17.

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