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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Beck offers unique musical experience

Beck Hansen is a man of transition. With many different albums to his name, he seems to change styles as each album comes and goes.

In 1999 he came out with the 70s jazz disco sensation ?Midnite Vultures?. Then, in 2002, he drastically turned into a cheery love struck fool with ?Sea Change?. ?Sea Change? could have been his best, but most Beck admirers were not keen on his new style and yearned for something more.

Well, in 2005 they got all they wanted and more with ?Guero?.

He reunites with hit producers, The Dust Brothers, who help Beck break onto the scene with 1996s odyssey ? Odelay?. Beck brings guitars, bossa nova beats and even Jack White into this symphony distorted to perfection.

Beck has never been known to follow the crowd, and in doing so has put out a front-runner for album of the year. As you listen to the album, some songs inspire you to sit back and think, others make you want to get up and dance.

As you turn to the next song, it?s impossible to know what will fling itself upon your ears next. From swooning over his summer love in ?Girl? to the freak-out folk song ?Farewell Ride?, you will be exhausted by the time you finish listening.

Beck is known for his outlandish lyrics that are open for interpretation. For example, in ?Girl?, the song says, ?Crawling out from a landfilled life, scrawlin? her name upon the ceiling.? Some fans listen with content and simply marvel at his songwriting while others dig to find a deeper meaning.

Beck?s unique and bizarre writing style has been with him since his first hit, ?Loser?. Beck sings, ?Kill the headlights and put it in neutral, stock car flaming with a loser in the cruise control.? Nobody is quite sure what he means, but I don?t think anybody is asking.

If you loved the beginnings of Beck?s career, or fell in love with his latest work, you will be happy because this new album will please any and every fan of music in general, not solely Beck fanatics.

You can find ?Guero? at any local record store including Tower Records, Borders or Barnes and Noble.

Beck is currently in the midst of a summer tour in Europe. His next concert will be held at the Homeland Festivals in Winchester, England, on May 28. The summer tour will conclude with a concert in Genoa, Italy, on June 23.

For more information about Beck, visit his website.

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