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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Responsibility pays off

ìResponsibility, whatís that?î sang MXPX on their album, The Ever Passing Moment. In todayís self-indulgent society, the concept of responsibility is quickly becoming foreign to many teens.

With thoughts of vacation lingering in the air, all most can think about is the end of testing and school. Classroom subjects turn boring and pointless and procrastination becomes a major life theme.

But, teenagers are not the only ones who face the issue of responsibility.

Take a good look at the world today. If we look to the past, we see characters like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln. These individuals were willing to fight the tide. They recognized the need for change, went out and accomplished their plans, working responsibly.

Teens too often sit back and watch as their world crumbles; they just let it happen. They do not really desire for it to crash, but they think there is nothing they can do.

Like the band MXPX continues to sing, ìI donít want to think about it; weíd be better off without it.î A person that holds this mentality is destined to accomplish little in life.

As students, teenagers hold responsibilities, mainly their schoolwork and grades. They are responsible to finish homework assignments, study and take tests. Although many students do chose to study, some waive that responsibility and, thus, bear the consequences.

Seniors Anne Hierholzer and Chris White are students who took the responsible route. They realized that good grades would be useful later and worked hard to get them. It might have meant sacrificing sometimes, but they knew in the long run it would be worth it.

Now, as they prepare for college, they have the satisfaction of knowing that their hard work and hours of studying have paid off.

Some students are driven by parents to obtain good grades while others challenge themselves.

ìWhen I was in kindergarten my parents brainwashed me and told me I had to get As,î White said. ìThey gave me money for my report card. Some call this bribery, but others just call it motivation.î

In order to achieve those As, dedication and sacrifice is required.

ìAll up until this year, I worked hard and gave up free time,î White said. ìItís hard when your friends are going out to the movies and you have to stay home because you have to study.î

Although sacrifice can be difficult, the outcome is rewarding.

ìI think all the hard work paid off in the end, because now I have the satisfaction of knowing that Iím going somewhere worthwhile [Rice University],î Hierholzer said. ìIt was a lot of work, but now I have the fulfillment of the goals I was working for. Itís all been worth it because I know that Iíve accomplished something.î

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