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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Movies teach valuable concepts

Dear editor:

Lessons or events explained in a movie make it much easier to grasp the concept, but this requires watching and listening.

I agree with Brianna Stobbe?s article ?Nooma videos present Scripture in new light? when it says that the Nooma videos do present scripture in a new light, at least it did for some people I conversed with. The problem is that these people are the minority.

It is not a question of ?Are the Nooma videos educational?? It is rather the question, ?Who pays attention to them?? Although I agree that the regular worship and sermon routine gets somewhat over done, it is what it is.

It is much easier to tune-out a video than a sermon. For example, when the movie starts and it is time to watch, the lights go off, making it much easier to escape. I know some who shut their eyes and kick back and others who use the time to file their nails. Some others decide to daydream.

The point is, when the lights are off it is more challenging for the administration to see what the students are doing. At least when there is a sermon, students pretend to pay attention.

However, the Nooma videos are helpful, considering that they are less intimidating than someone standing at the front of the room and preaching to you. Unfortunately, people are less focused during the movie and often miss the point.

David Bethea [?08] said, ?I think the Nooma videos are a different way of preaching and explaining the Bible. The video narrator takes the Bible and puts it into modern language and stories that we, as high schoolers, can all relate to. They are better than having someone simply reading the Bible to us.?

This proves that people do not give the speakers enough credit. They do not just read the Bible to us, they also apply the Bible to our everyday lives by telling us stories. They also explain it in modern language.

While I agree that the videos are good, we should leave it at that. People should stop praising these videos like they are the best thing since chocolate; and the people who are quick to say that they hate the Nooma videos need to try listening and watching them.

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