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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Evolution and Christianity debated

How was the world created? The theory of evolution battles the concept of theist creation. People argue about the facts and theories to try to prove themselves right.

Biology students on campus are taught both evolution and creation for various reasons. This study helps students learn what they believe and why.

Rod Atchley, biology teacher, believes there are three types of scripture: relative, absolute or a blend. How one approaches creation is directly tied to those three approaches.

?Because both evolutionary theory and scripture have an application, the students have to know where applications contradict each other,? Atchley said. ?Communication and understanding of an alternate view is necessary for intelligent speech.?

The study of evolution and creation takes place nation wide as well as on campus. Controversies between teaching methods date back to the Scopes Monkey Trial (Tennessee, 1925).

?I went to Maroa-Forsyth Junior High School in Illinois,? Sean O?Neal, ?08, said. ?Even though it was a public school, it was mostly a Christian community so they taught that evolution was the way the universe was created, but did not press the issue.?

The National Science Foundation funded the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, which was influential in returning evolution to high school biology textbooks. In the 1960s, evolution began to be widely taught.

?I was taught evolution in middle school while in Germany,? Christof Schnur, ?06, said. ?They taught us micro and marco evolution, which is the change in organism both drastic and diminutive.?

Some students believe in theistic creation and consider being in a Christian school a privilege because it teaches creation be from God.

?I was home schooled,? Corinne Pogue, ?06, said. ?I never really cared about creation, but learning about it now has given me more appreciation.?

Some students believe that life forms have evolved from a parent, or common ancestry or link.

?Earth?s history goes far back to explain evolution?s constant change,? Chip Brown, ?07, said. ?For example, the Grand Canyon has sediments thought to be from billions of years ago. Some say this process could have been created in days, weeks and months ect. I must cancel out this theory.?

The study of evolution and creation has taught the students more than information about other peoples? beliefs, it has given inspiration as to how one lives their life.

?The study of evolution and creation has helped me greatly,? Angela Costanzo, ?08, said. ?This project started as a class assignment, but it became something more. For me, creation by God was more evident as time progressed. I now look at the world differently, more of a miracle.?

For more information regarding evolution and creation go to

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