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Campus’s 40th anniversary brings new vision, renovations


Commemorative decorations set in honor of anniversary

40 years ago, an educator and a group of local pastors including G.L. Johnson founded Fresno Christian as a campus of faith, academics, arts and athletics. To commemorate the 40th anniversary, Superintendent Jeremy Brown plans to expand and renovate the school’s campus.

[/media-credit] Celebrating 40 years, Fresno Christian decals have been placed on the walls in building five and six.

Leadership adviser, Robert Foshee began teaching at FC in 1998. Foshee stresses the importance of remembering why the campus was founded, and how students can carry on the ideology the school was founded on.

“The story behind the school starting was G.L. Johnson and other pastors in town wanted to educate students not just in great academics but in faith as well,” Foshee said. “They wanted a place in town where all the churches could send their kids to have a strong Christian foundation as well as learning great academics. I think students can honor the 40th anniversary of the school by continuing to do what the school was founded on.”

Jeremy Brown stepped into the job with a plan and vision for the campus after Fresno Christian’s former superintendent, Debbie Siebert retired from her position in 2014. Brown sees no difference between himself and his predecessor. According to Brown, he was given the role in accordance with God’s plan.

“I am not sure there is a difference between the previous superintendents and me,” Brown said. “God calls each of us into positions as needed, not just at Christian schools. In everything, He calls us at His time. I came to FCS out of obedience, God has inspired much of the work. It is amazing what can be done by listening to God and following directions, it really is that easy.”

[/media-credit] In remembering 40 years, a poster has been filled with yearbook photos of students that have attended Fresno Christian.

Before joining ranks with the FC staff, Brown served as an administrator for Kings Canyon Unified School District. Brown felt God prepared him for the role of superintendent by allowing him to participate in the construction of Silas Bartsch School in Reedley. The multi-million dollar project gave Brown experience that would prove invaluable to him for the work he would undertake at FCS.  

On the staff roster for almost 10 years, Matthew Weimer experienced the leadership and the benefits former Superintendent Debbie Siebert brought to FC. He saw Siebert bring structure and stability to the school’s infrastructure and her constant pursuit of a more solvent campus. Weimer recognizes the current superintendent’s work towards a better sense of community and family within the school.   

“God has used Jeremy Brown to help strengthen the school’s sense of family,” Weimer said. “He has had to bear up under some intense personal attacks in the lives of his teachers, students, and his own family. There have been many physical changes and institutional changes during the time he has been our leader.  Hiring a project coordinator has been helpful, I believe, in helping vision to become reality.”

Weimer realizes the importance of an aesthetically pleasing campus and commends Brown for making advances in updating the school’s appearance.

[/media-credit] Recently, FC plaques have been mantled on the exterior of building five and six.

“Although image is not the most important thing, it is hard to overcome a poor first impression,” Weimer said. “Cleaner, modern decorating and color schemes will only help the school to be more inviting. Bringing even one different or new student can change things for the entire kingdom. Who knows what large forest can be set ablaze by one small spark.  It is impossible to tell the future or how it can change the lives of students and families, and churches are steered and guided by the Holy Spirit.”

Brown stepped into the position with a goal to not only develop the campus physically but also socially. Brown seeks to build community and provide opportunities for staff and students alike.  

“We have some preliminary construction plans that will remodel our buildings and the quad areas,” Brown said. “I really look forward to seeing the developing our academic programs more. We are working with some businesses about offering internships for some of our upperclassmen in the next couple of years.

To fully complete his vision for FC, Brown has assembled a leadership team and raised support from the school board, local pastors, and campus families. Families and students will be invited to an event hosted by Brown known as Vision Casting Night.

[/media-credit] Commemorative 40-year spirit merchandise such as mugs, shopping bags, clothing, and hats have been created to celebrate the anniversary.

Similar to Brown, Spanish teacher Rachel Rodriguez transferred to FCS after substituting for Fresno Unified School District. Rodriguez joined the staff a year after Brown, but nevertheless, she has seen the benefits of his work during her short time teaching on the campus.

“I have seen Jeremy Brown be a man of his word,” Rodriguez said. “He keeps us in the loop of things concerning the school’s direction and current decisions that are made on behalf of the staff and students. In the future, I see FCS undergoing renovations, taking on more territory and possibly adding more resources for practical Christian living for our students. My role in Jeremy Brown’s vision is being the hands and feet of Jesus. The students at Fresno Christian have a role in Jeremy’s vision because they are called to follow the “Caleb Code.”

Brown is holding this meeting in conjunction with campus staff and board members to share their plan with the student body and parents. The meeting will give an opportunity for families and local community members to contribute to the vision for a better Fresno Christian.

“I believe that God has placed FCS with families from over 80 churches in the Fresno area and many unchurched families,” Brown said. “Schools can either create isolation or community, and we chose community. Being intentional about caring for students, parents and our community around us.”

FC lifer Kyle Friesen has attended the school since kindergarten. After attending the same school for more than ten years, Friesen watches as the school changes around him. With the recent renovations, he sees the school moving in the right direction.

“I’ve been at Fresno Christian since kindergarten. I think the biggest thing the school has done, is overhauling the carpets,” Friesen said. “They look really nice now. They school has also painted the buildings and upgraded the lighting fixtures around the campus. I want to see additions to the athletic department like baseball and football and the weight room. I still want to see a lot of things get updated, but I am happy with what has already been done.”

On the Fresno Christian website, it states that the campus is a school of four different areas, faith, academics, arts and athletics. Brown plans to focus and eventually improve all of these areas in his vision for the school. With phase one continuing into the new year, Brown plans to continue to improve the campus and the atmosphere of the school. With student recreation considered, Brown plans to tackle the campus’s playground next.

This writer can be reached via Twitter: Samuel Cross and via email: Samuel Cross.

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