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All-star coach leads undefeated WSL volleyball team

How far could a team go without plays and strategy? A coach remains necessary for several obvious reasons, but direction from a coach differs another?

At this campus the girls? volleyball team is lead by coach Larry Orender who bases his coaching on both strategy and personal experience to help guide his team to a perfect 11-0 WSL season.

Orender began coaching boys? junior varsity volleyball at Buchanan High during 1997-2001. He also coached three years for junior varsity at this campus and replaced then coach Karen Brown, and is currently on his fifth season coaching varsity.

?The transition could not have been smoother,? Orender said. ?I saw the direction Karen had taken the program I stepped in and continued the fundamental-based volleyball.?

In addition to coaching Orender is currently in the process of joining the California Department of Corrections as an officer.

?I decided to do this so I could serve the Lord in our Californian penal system,? Orender said. ?We are all sinners we all need Jesus but their sins just landed them in prison.?

In 2004 Orender was part of the FSU Redwave club volleyball team that was the No. 1 ranked club team in the nation going 43-2 overall; Orender was also a first-team all-star. The Redwave went 7-1 in tournaments and were 16-1 in the regular season. They then played in the national tournament and went undefeated, 11-0, to win a national championship.

?It was a lot of fun,? Orender said. ?I was one of the three older players on the team. I ended up being a leader on the team, not with my brain but with my heart. The experience was indescribable.?

Orender believes his experiences playing on the FSU Redwave has helped the volleyball team at this campus to reach full potential and improve their game.

?Seeing volleyball at the level I have seen it helps me realize the full potential of our players,? Orender said. ?Our service receive is starting to come around and the girls are beginning to click.?

In addition to Orender?s applied methods, the team has initiated five techniques of motivation the team called the energy committee lead by Claire Kister, ?08.

?Claire Kister is a natural leader,? Orender said. ?She has tremendous energy and I could not think of a better person to head up the energy committee.

The energy committee started Oct. 14, due to poor practice attendance and lack of seriousness. The first technique is prior to game time. It is called a secret chitty: a dance that involves team bonding to build up energy.

?To me a team without energy is dead,? Kister said. ?Even on the bench it is important to be energized and by doing this it shows the other players that we care.?

The team also picks a player of the day as the second technique. This idea requires every member to say one positive comment to that person. ?Play it all the way? is technique three; players are supposed to make their best effort on the court and continue play even if a bad shot occurs.

?Claire?s energetic personality has benefited our team,? Aliza Ford, ?07, said. ?The enthusiasm she brings to each game has helped us to stay motivated in difficult times.?

The fourth technique is staying enthusiastic about finished plays and trying to get the crowd involved after a good shot. The last technique is to reminding themselves about their season goals set in the beginning of the season.

?Ever since we began winning their games in three straight games,? Kister, ?08, said. ?We always stay supportive, and have running high fives after a ace. We have a special routine when spikes occur and when Kelsey makes a block.?

On Oct. 25 the volleyball team defeated Tranquility 3-0 (25-11, 25-23, 25-14) to take a two-game WSL lead. Their next match will be against Fowler at Fowler on Oct. 27 at 5:30 P.M.

For more information regarding volleyball, contact Orender at 299-1695, ext. 28.

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  • L

    Lorrie GoldenAug 26, 2009 at 11:27 am

    LOL. Funny that someone else enjoys watching these birds like I do! I’ve often wanted to take a photo of the geese and the gulls … they seem to have their own kind of “education” going on in the side field!

    Mary & I call the groups of birds Teachers & Students! 🙂 The geese are the teachers- and they sometimes arrive earlier than the gulls (Teachers- because they are bigger-like adults) and the gulls are the students (because they are usually later, some are straying outside of the group and they are smaller than the Geese).

    LOL Guess one’s imagination CAN be fun and a morning drive to school something to look forward to instead of just trudging up the drive in the car barely paying attention…. God’s creatures are fun to watch and photograph… and imagine that they are like the cartoon characters we love to watch doing funny things! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your photo with us … and great to have you down here in Fresno Mr. Stobbe & family!! 🙂