English classes act out Hamlet

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While English classes usually do not compete with drama in acting, students began portraying different characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet during the last week of November. While the students may not all be in love with Shakespeare, some put their heart and soul into their soliloquies or dialogues.

“It was hard memorizing and it took a lot rehearsing,” Dawn Steele, ?02, said. “It was fun doing the dialogue with my brother. It would’ve been a lot harder by myself.”

During this week students acted, recited and performed before their fellow classmates as they brought Shakespeare’s, Hamlet to life. Parts ranged from kings, queens, ghosts and a revenge-seeking young Hamlet. Some students went all out dressing in Renaissance wardrobes and taking on English accents.

“My sister and I practiced quite awhile to perfect our soliloquy,” said Jon Steele, ?02, who played the part of Hamlet in a dynamic scene with his sister, Dawn Steele, ?02, who portrayed Ophelia. “We liked our costumes and I think it added to our performance. It helped having my sister there with me and it was a lot of fun.”

The honors classes performed in the morning while the regular English classes took to the front of the room in the afternoon.

“When I heard that Jon and Dawn performed their dialogue, I was really impressed with their initiative and that they memorized three pages and got dressed up,” Ryan Cain, ?02, said. “It gave me courage to give my soliloquy first in class today.’

The Hamlet performances will continue throughout the week of Nov. 27-Dec. 1.” “Carli Albrechtson, Retired photographer” “Shakespeare is not dead–at least not in English classes during November and December. Here juniors Dawn Steele and her twin brother, Jon, perform a scene out of Hamlet on Nov. 27. Dawn played Ophelia and Jon was her stage boyfriend, Hamlet. The pair portrayed the scene where Hamlet tells Ophelia to go to a nunnery because he is upset that she will no longer see him.” “Carli Albrechtson, Photographer” “From the football team to English class, Sam Fisher, ?03, left, portrays Hamlet during soliloquy week, Nov. 27-Dec.1. Here in this scene, Fisher mocks Polonius, played by C.J. Haydock, ?02. Both students enhanced their performances with additions to their usual classroom attire.” “