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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Seniors retreat at Calvin Crest

They packed their sleeping bags, hiking boots, and were tolerance ready as six high-school counselors traveled with junior high students to Calvin Crest on Sept. 24-28.

This year’s high school male counselors Josiah Thiesen,?02, Nate Heinrichs,’02,and Brian Maldando, ’02, were chosen from a long list of volunteer to make the trip. The female counselors, also chosen volunteers, consisted of Allison Mcintyre, ’02, Annie Falk,’02, Kristen Willems, ’02, Kari Maddox, ’03, and Trisha Hill, ’03.

The cabin leader requirements and expectations for the counselors were to be a Christian and love kids. They were prepared to stay awake at least 20 hours a day, live on camp food for one week, and keep their energy level at that of a junior higher.

Counselors were willing to breath the air in cabins and do not mind getting dirty. They also were willing to keep students accountable after they get back on campus.

Mr. Freeman, dean of students, has gone to Calvin Crest and led worship and watched many students grow mentally and spiritually for 17 years. He hopes they will come back to Fresno closer to God than they have ever been.

“Each and every year is such an awakening to every student,” Freeman said. “They realize how seriously close they can become towards God. I remember for almost every eighth grade graduation I’ve attended, the vast majority response for the question, what was the most memorable moment in eighth grade? The answer always reflects part of their Calvin Crest experience.”

Many of the counselors were looking forward to the trip and serving the younger students.

“I really think God has something special and unique planned for this years trip to Calvin Crest,” Heinrichs said. ” I hope that they come back just closer to God and their friends.”

This year at Calvin Crest, a number of activities will be prepared for the students including a class called Survival–approximately a one-mile walk around the camp lead by Terry Richards.

Hallie Rojeski of the junior high will teach about the Miwak Indians which and discusses the clever and mischievous ways that the Miwak Indians lived. The Calvin Crest staff will give presentations on the Big Trees which is a tour and discussions of the redwood trees in the area. This class will teach how the trees survive and how to identify the type of tree.

New teacher Ben Porter will teach orienteering, a one-mile hike using the tools such as a compass.

“I went to Calvin Crest last year and just had so much fun,” Natalie McCulloch,’05, said. “I loved learning about the different situations that might occur out in the wilderness. I know this years eighth graders will have just as much if not more fun than I did last year.”

While the junior highers were looking forward to the trip, many of the counselors who were chosen from a list of volunteers were also excited.

“Over the summer I was a counselor for Calvin Crest,” Annie Falk, ’02, said. “Something special happened to a couple of girls which I will always remember. During the summer, two of my cabin girls came to know the Lord. I just hope that something just as great will happen.

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