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Battle the flu with Jamba Juice, antioxidants

There is something in the air and its definitely not cupids arrow. It is winter again, a time when hands often are in pockets and breath transforms into a cloud of vapor. But beware: there is something lurking among us in the warmth of classrooms, hallways, bathrooms and cars.

Even though undetected by the human eye, the flu bug is targeting us all.

Fortunately, there may be a tastier way to assist our immune systems than grape flavored medicine, cupfuls of water or green tea: the ever-growing trend of Jamba Juice.

Despite Fresno temperatures dropping into the low to mid 40s, Jamba Juice fans have found themselves devoted to the fruity, frosty drink.

“I love Jamba Juice for a few reasons,” Andrea Munoz, ’06, said. “First because it gives me my daily fruits that I don’t normally eat. And secondly, because I play basketball and I need a lot of energy. Jamba gives me that with its free boosts.”

Jamba’s boost menu gives the customer an arrangement of vitamins and nutrients the body needs for its everyday life as well as for fighting the flu. There are certain vitamins the body needs to keep its immune system up, one mainly being vitamin C. Jamba Juice has supplied a few smoothies to help the body battle sickness and regain health.

“There are a variety of smoothies that someone with the flu could choose from,” a Jamba Juice employee, said. “Our most popular being the Cold Buster which contains: orange juice, orange sherbet, peaches, bananas with immunity and vitamin C boosts. They could also choose any smoothie with our fresh squeezed orange juice such as Citrus Squeezed, Orange-a-Peel, Orange Dream Machine, Orange Berry Blitz, etc.”

A few symptoms of the flu are loss of appetite, fever and sore throat. So naturally a tasty cold drink would prove to be a winner in the eyes of any sickened person.

“It’s appetizing!” Sammie Krikorian, ’08, said. “When I get sick nothing ever looks very good to eat but Jamba Juice still is. It helps because I can also get the immunity boost and it feels good on my throat when it hurts. I love it!”

While Jamba Juice does not say their products will help someone overcome flu symptoms, it is one supplement the body can use to regain health. Other ways to fight flu include getting plenty of rest, wash hands often with soapy water, get plenty of exercise and drink fluids.

Other drinks and foods that are high in antioxidants include black and green tea, brightly colored fruits and vegetables. However, excessive sugar in the drink can impair the immune system.

Sue Abney, a registered nutritionist and nutrition education coordinator in the Student Wellness Office at Purdue University is quoted in a Jan. 3, 2006, article in Journal and Courier that “filling up on colorful fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants is a great way to “prime your immune system” (“Tips for staying healthy this winter” by Kevin Cullen).

Besides eating right, washing hands often, Abney says, don’t forget to drink approximately two quarts of water a day, and get lots of sleep. All body functions rely on water and it carries waste and toxins away from cells. Sleep also fires up the immune system.

Although Jamba Juice has proved beneficial in getting the vital nutrients the body needs to gain a healthy immune system, it will not single handedly get rid of or prevent the flu.

“The best way to prevent from getting the flu would be to wash your hands,” Gloria Carlin, of Nancy Hinds Hospis, said. “Keep away from sick people, large crowds and have people cover their mouths when they cough. Taking cold medicines will be necessary with serious illness.”

The best treatment for a cold would be simple home care. This includes: plenty of rest, drinking extra fluids- at least one full glass of water or juice every hour and Tylenol or Ibuprofen which can relieve head and muscle aches.

For more information on juice drinks, go online at For information on fighting the flu, go online at (Journal and Courier).

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