Freshman prefer high school

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Lockers banged shut, nervous laughter and talk of schedules filled Building 6 hallways as students arrived on campus for the first day of school on Aug. 23. Freshman struggled to open their lockers and milled in the hallways until the bell rang for their next class. Chaotic screams and shrills echoed in the halls until most made it to first period.

“I was home schooled for two years and I was getting so sick of it,” Ashley Tucker, ?05, said. “I like it here so much better. There are many more activities and social events in high school. I expect good grades and loads of fun this year. The only bad thing that has happened so far was that I couldn’t get my locker open.”

Many students had high expectations and were optimistic about the transition from junior to senior high.

“My first week was better than I thought it would be,” Kevin Reed, ?05, said. “I had to make all new friends when I came here, but I am having fun. High school is cool. I expect fun, more activities and a good education this year at FCHS.”

Most students agree that high school is a better experience than Junior High.

“I had to change my schedule six times.” Nate King, ?05, said. “My transition from junior high to high school was not difficult at all. High school is way better than junior high so far.”

Tom McEntee joined the high school as a new teacher this year. He was a substitute on campus last year and previously he was a youth pastor for five years in Cayucos.

“I wanted to be closer to my mom and brother, and all the great kids,” McEntee said.
“Opening day was great. I was sweating but I didn’t know if it was because I was nervous or just hot. I love freshmen!”