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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Late spring snow extends snowboard season

Winter is almost over, but the snow caped mountains can still be seen to the east on clear days. To many campus students, this can only mean one thing: snowboarding season is going strong and weekly trips to Sierra Summit continue to be a must.

?So far this season I?ve already gone to [Sierra] Summit 10 times,? Lindsey Brush, ?06, said. ?My favorite part about snowboarding is the adrenaline rush I get when I?m soaring down the mountain; it?s unlike any other feeling.?

During the peak season, season passes can become very pricy. Sierra Summit charges around $510 for teenagers up to 19-years-old. But, for those who plan ahead, off-season passes are only around $200 and can be purchased at the end of every winter season.

?I always buy my season pass during the off season because I save almost $300,? Katrina Stevenson, ?06, said. ?Plus, by spending less money on the pass, I can spend more on new snowboarding clothes and equipment.?

Part of the allure of snow sports is the fancy tricks and jumps that can be performed. These take hours of practice and a lot of effort to master, but for some students, the feeling that hits when they are air-born is worth every second of time they put in.

?My favorite part about snowboarding would have to be going down ?Park,? the run at Sierra Summit with all the jumps,? Mikey Wills, ?06, said. ?It?s fun to practice and perfect them, even though it takes a lot of time.?

Although it sounds fun, it is also very dangerous, and quite a few students have come down the mountain with broken bones as a result.

?Although the jumps are enjoyable, they have also been very dangerous for me too,? Wills said. ?One time I lost my balance on the peak of one jump and landed straight into the peak of the next one, and left the mountain with a broken wrist. But, as soon as I got the cast off I went straight back to the snow to do it some more.?

Campus students enjoy many seasonal sports and anticipate the weather changes as an opportunity to try them out: especially the changeover from winter to spring.

?I can?t wait till the warmer weather comes around so I can get back to lake and wakeboard all summer,? Chris Byrnes, ?06, said. ?The best part about it is just going to the lake and hanging out on the boat all day out in the sun with friends.?

For more information about snowboarding or season passes for next season, visit

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