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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Dating warrants caution

Beyond the pressure of homework and extra curricular activities is the natural attraction among male and female students. Though these romances can be innocent, adults question the appropriateness of dating in high school.

?I generally don?t think that high school dating is a good idea,? Molly Sargent, girls? counselor, said. ?However, dating is one way to improve socialization skills and help to determine what qualities you admire in the opposite sex.?

With the option of group dating or “one-on-one dating,” students have a plethora of options awaiting them.

?We enjoy one on one dating,? Brandon Cain, ?06, said about girl friend Brianne Raymer, ?06. ?You get to know that person for who they are.?

Joining in on group activities can relieve the pressure of individual dating. Group dating may be even more beneficial due to the opportunity to see them interact with their peers.

?I think it is the one-on-one dating that should be avoided,? Sargent said. ?Group dating provides both benefits and provides emotional protection for each individual. You have to be smart; you?re a human and when emotions come into play, you can?t trust your decision making skills.?

For some teachers, their opinions on dating were derived from their own experiences as a high school student.

?My own experiences of dating in high school were positive,? Chris Schultz, boys? counselor, said. ?I was good friends with the girls I went out with and we enjoyed each others company.?

The responsibility that comes with dating requires self-control and an understanding of boundaries. The strength to say ?no? is found in the strength of numbers, and the personal convictions that each person holds.

?We do not do anything that wouldn?t be honorable to God and our families,? Cain said. ?We respect our guidelines by prayer and reading the Bible as well as keeping each other accountable.?

Though students try their best to prevent lowering their guidelines, some find themselves in predicaments that could have otherwise been avoided.

?I think the real problem arises when the couple has isolated themselves from others,? Schultz said. ?This allows the opportunity for something to happen that they wouldn?t otherwise do. The best thing for a couple is to have the ability to hang out with a group of friends and to be honest about their relationship.?

With books like I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris and I Gave Dating a Chance by Jeramy Clark, the Christian opinion about dating seems to be split. But the real question seems to be, who is right?

?I think it is okay to date in high school,? Corinne Pogue, ?06, said. ?Just as long as the relationship does not get too serious.?

With graduation approaching and more students beginning their high school experience, each person is on a journey of their own regarding the appropriateness of a romantic relationship.

?In Paul?s writings he stresses a lot about personal responsibility,? Sargent said. ?Dating is one of those ?gray? areas in the Bible. The best thing to do is to find out what the Holy Spirit is telling you and listen to the people closest to you. If your friends tell you a guy is a jerk, then be careful because they only want what is best for you.?

Whether dating in a group or one on one, the ability to set boundaries and confidently follow standards encourages growth and strong relationships.

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  • G

    Gigi ThaoAug 26, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Hahaha, awww, sorry Zed, you had to get embarrased by your grandma, and in front of everyone too!


  • S

    Sylvia HeinrichsAug 26, 2009 at 11:27 am

    I am glad Zed was willing to try to make his dinner. I hope he continues to try new things even if he fails but hopefully succeeds.

    Trying is good, failure is an avenue of learning

    I am proud of him.