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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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House battles more than ghosts

Upon entering a bookstore some students tend to avoid the Christian fiction section from fear of another preachy book. But Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti are not your average Christian fiction writer. With the creation of Dekker and Peretti?s new book House, the Christian community has been introduced to a new version of the spirit world and what lies within.

Jack and Stephanie Singleton are a couple whose marriage is on the rocks, and in a last ditch effort they decided to seek counseling. On their way however, spikes in the backwoods of Alabama sabotage their car and force them to seek refuge at a nearby house that seems to be abandoned.

Upon entering the house they meet another couple, Randy Messarue and Leslie Taylor, whose car has also been sabotaged. They soon learn that this was no mistake. A mad man nicknamed the ?Tin Man? for the raged tin mask that he wears, has purposefully led them into this house to play a part in his sick game.

The Tin Man sets a list of three house rules, which are written on the side of a can.
1) ?God came to my house and I killed him?
2) ?I will kill anyone who comes to my house as I killed God?
3) ?Give me one dead body and I might let rule two slide,?

The game ends at dawn.

In order to find their escape the two couples enter the basement, which ultimately leads them deeper into the Tin Man?s game.

Though this seems like another haunted house story, the combination of the physical battle and the spiritual battle gives us insight to the power of God.

With their latest release, the perspective that these authors incorporate into their works stuns me. The visual surface that they give to the struggles of our heart and the way that we ignore the voice of God in our time of need is all personified in this book.

The theme is one that we can all relate to?though your life may seem pure, the evil that resides within the heart ultimately destroys you if you rely on your self. Life is a game and the things that you deny can hurt you the most.

This fiction horror story has not been limited to paper. By April 2007 producers expect to have a movie of House available on DVD. This is not the first time that these authors have experienced having a book turned into film. With the creation of the movies The Visitation and Thr3e coming out sometime this year, these authors have a lot of experience up their sleeve.

For those people that are familiar with Dekker and Peretti, you will not be disappointed. They stay true to their mystery genre and keep the readers on the edge of their seat until the last page. These authors take the Bible verse, ?The wages of sin is death? [Romans 6:23] to the next level.

For more information on House or other books, go online to

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