Bulldog Stadium surrounded by Christian students

Other Staff

Thousand of teens from around the Central Valley are expected to converge on Fresno’s Bulldog Stadium on Sept. 23, with the purpose of literally surrounding it with prayer.

“This is a great opportunity for students to participate in something bigger than just our school,” Scott Falk, campus pastor, said. “I think that anytime students get together with other students from outside their little circle, they are get the opportunity to see a more accurate picture of the body of Christ.”

Many area teens are excited that the two p.m. meeting is a way for them to get involved in the Billy Graham Crusade.

“I think it’s a very important event,” Casey Belmont, ?02, said. “Mainly because of the fact that it provides area teens with an avenue to both show support for and participate in the coming Crusade.”

Organizers of the rally are optimistic of the possibilities that could come from this event and are hopeful that it would help project a positive image of the larger October Crusade.

“Potentially, by the time the crusade comes around, Bulldog Stadium will be the most prayed for place in the world,” Jonathan Lotz, a Central Valley Billy Graham crusade associate, said. “I know the public will be glad to see hundreds if not thousands of teens to show up at Bulldog Stadium, not to riot, protest, or see a concert, but simply to pray.”

The Billy Graham Crusade is making only it’s third trip to Fresno on Oct. 11-14 and it’s first 1962.