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Tennis sport shorts, 2006

(Latest tennis shorts will be at the top of the section. Scroll down to check out past results. Visit the Sports Section for tennis features.)

For the 2006 girls’ tennis schedule, click here on Sports Schedules and/or go to the menu bar on the right.

For the 2006 girls’ tennis SWSL standing and stats, click here on MaxPreps SWSL girls’ tennis.

Tennis is now 8-0 in the South West Sierra League and 18-6 overall as of Nov. 1.


In the off season players plan on continuing private lessons or play in the USTA Northern California tournament circut. For more information on the tournment click here on

The girls’ tennis team lost to No. 1 Bakersfield Christian, 2-7, in the semi-finals playoffs of the CIF Division V team playoffs on Oct. 31. The rival Eagles placed the ball with accuracy and force and FC was unable to finish individual games.

Winning points for FC in singles were Jennifer Sherfield, 6-2, 7-5; and Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 7-6 (10-8), 6-3.

“The girls did what they did all year,” coach George Freeman said. “They played to the best to their ability and never gave up. How can I ask for anything more then a 100% effort.”

FC competed in the CIF Individual Tournament in Porterville on Oct. 28. Both doubles teams and both singles players made it through their first round play, but were eliminated in the second round.

Jaclyn Blackwell/Mary Kneefel began with a shaky start when they lost the first set, 0-6 against Centennial. They came back to win the second set, 7-5, and played a complete third set. They locked in their first-round win when they finished the third set, 6-3.

Blackwell/Kneefel were defeated second round by the No. 1 one seeded doubles team from Stockdale.

“I was excited that Jaclyn and I came back to win in the first round,” Kneefel, ’08, said. “Unfortunately, like last year, we played the number one seed the second round, and didn’t get the chance to progress in the tournament. But, I’m not disappointed about how we played. We knew going into the match that they would play exceptionally well.”

Sophomores Tania and Janae Keys-Bramlett received their first-round victory through a forfeit of the team from Taft. They proceeded to the next round and lost to Bakersfield, with a score of 4-6, 5-7.

“Tonia and Janae played precision doubles in both matches,” coach George Freeman said. “They play well as a team.”

Sophomore Brittany Shaffer defeated Carina Schneer from Selma, 6-3, 6-1, in the first round. In the second round Shaffer lost to Julie Hutton from Stockdale,1-6, 1-6.

“The first round,” Shaffer, ’09, said, “was exciting because I didn’t think I’d do well against the girls I saw practicing but I ended up winning that. The second round, I played a girl from Stockdale who was amazing, and way better than me, so I lost. But I did my best and that’s all I can do.”

Jennifer Sherfield beat Rickisha Coleman from Fresno with a score of 6-1, 6-0. Katherine McFeeters from Bullard beat Sherfield in the second round, 3-6, 3-6.

“I think I played pretty well,” Sherfield, ’08, said. “The first round, I was excited to beat Coleman because she was consistent, and I had to work with some of her shots. I am not disappointed that I lost second round, though. McFeeters was an experienced and well-coached player, and I feel I played to the best of my ability. I mean, there’s always room for improvement, and I can only hope to get the same opportunity next year.”

The Eagles’ defeated Liberty-Madera Ranchos, 7-2, in the first round of Division 5 playoffs. Despite a different game format, FC played consistently to win in two sets out of three. Winning points in singles were Jaclyn Blackwell, 6-2, 6-3; Brittany Shaffer, 6-1, 6-4; Jennifer Sherfield, 6-4, 6-3; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 6-1, 6-1.

“The girls’ team gave it all they had, in a hard fought match against Liberty-Madera,” coach George Freeman said. “I was pleased with not only our effort but attitude. My girls had a great attitude all year which is to play as hard as you can despite circumstances.”

In doubles: Blackwell/Mary Kneefel won 6-2, 6-2; Shaffer/Sherfield, 3-6, 6-4, (11-9); Kristina Palmer and Hayley Volpa-Olsen won, 6-0, 6-4.

For the next round in playoffs FC will play Bakersfield Christian. They have only lost two matches this year, to Bakersfield High and Redwood. No. 1 from Bakersfield Christian freshman Lyndsay Cooke comes from a family who focuses on tennis.

“Bakersfield Christian is the No. 1 seed, and has dominated their opponents all season,” Freeman said, “but anything can happen in a tennis match. I look forward to meet Tuesday and the Fresno Christian girls to bring their A game on the road.”

FC clinched two medals in singles at the SWSL Individual Tennis Tournament on Oct. 21 at Clovis West High School. Sophomore Brittany Shaffer placed first in singles when she beat junior teammate, Jennifer Sherfield, in the finals.

“I adjusted to each player, played consistently and did the best I could,” Shaffer said. “Playing against Jenn was my hardest match, and she is my partner in doubles.”

Shaffer won the championship round against Sherfield in a third set tiebreaker. While Sherfield won the first set 6-2, Shaffer won the second set 6-3 to set up the final between the teammates. Sherfield lost points at the net, while Shaffer lobbed sending her back to the baseline. Shaffer won the tiebreak, 7-4.

“Brittany continued to prove her very consistent style of playing, persistence over power, pervails,” coach George Freemen said. “Although it is hard for players of the same team to play against each other because they are such good friends, both players fought hard. It is a dream for a coach to have two players from the same team to battle it out for number one.”

Shaffer was seeded No. 2 in the one-day tournament and had a first round bye. Shaffer beat Avnish Brar from Liberty-Madera Ranchos [No. 7 seed], 8-2. Brar lost points during her serve and Shaffer took advantage of her short shots. In the third round, Shaffer defeated Annie Bledsoe in two sets, 6-0, 6-2. Although Bledsoe played consistently, Shaffer forced her to make unforced errors.

Sherfield started the day seeded No. 4. After a first round bye, she defeated Jasdeep Brar of Fowler [No. 5 seed], 8-3. Sherfield earned points off of her serve and strong, deep returns. In the third round, Sherfield beat the No. 1 seed, Amiee Brooks, from Riverdale. She positioned balls across the court, often making Brooks run for each point. Sherfield defeated Brooks in the third set tiebreaker, 6-2, 2-6, [7-4] to make it to the championship round.

“Jennifer used a wide range of shots with position and accuracy to defeat the No. 1 seed in the tournament,” Freeman said. “Up to that point Amiee hadn’t lost to any singles player in the SWSL; Jennifer gave Amiee her first defeat of the year.”

Sophomore Megan Ortiz was the No. 6 seed. She beat Vanessa Soto [No. 11 seed] from Fowler 8-3, despite unforced errors. In the second round Ortiz lost to Bledsoe from Riverdale [No. 3 seed] 5-8. Ortiz was down 2-7, and made Bledsoe work for each point, but was unable to come up with the win.

In doubles play, senior Jaclyn Blackwell and junior Mary Kneefel were champions of the South West Sierra League and sophomore twins, Janae and Tonia Keys-Bramlett, placed third at the tournament.

“Jaclyn and Mary won first place in close matches,” Freeman said. “I’m very proud of them to come through to the end to win a well deserved first place.”

Blackwell and Kneefel were the No. 1 seed in doubles and demonstrated why they have been the favorites all year. Blackwell/Kneefel quickly dispatched Lauren Wallis/Angie Hernandez of Liberty-Madera Ranchos in the championship round in two games, 6-4, 6-2. FC played consistently to seal the lead in both sets. The Eagle team won a majority of the points during serves and at the net.

?I think we represented Fresno Christian well,? Blackwell said, ?and I am proud that we won four medals. I?m excited to win against Liberty. They were our same competitors as last year in the WSL individual tournament.?

In the third round, Blackwell/Kneefel defeated Ann Sognomonia/Megan Evans from Liberty-Madera Ranchos (No. 4 seed) in two sets, 7-6 (11-9), and 6-4 in the second set. They started play with a first round bye. During the second round, Blackwell/Kneefel beat R. Wilson/N. Silva from Liberty-Madera Ranchos (No. 9 seed), 8-0. Blackwell/Kneefel deftly placed the ball around the court to gain an advantage over the Liberty duo.

The Keys-Bramletts started as the No. 3 seed in doubles and played up to expectations. The twins faced off against Soghomonia/Evans for third place. The Keys-Bramletts kept their lead during the first set, winning, 6-4 and came from behind in the second set to win in the tiebreaker, 7-6 (8-6).

?I think we played well, especially at the beginning,? Tonia said. ?I think we tired as the tournament progressed and I was pleased that we placed third, but think we could have played even better.?

After a first round bye, the Keys-Bramlett team beat the Almendarez sisters from Fowler (8-2). The twins earned most of the points at the net, and forced the Almendarezs? to the baseline. They lost in the third round to second place finishers, Wallis/Hernendez from Liberty (No. 1 seed), 2-6, 4-6.

“Tonia and Janae represented the Fresno Christian spirit of the day,” Freeman said, “which was play hard and never give up, by winning in tiebreaker 8-6. They work well together, communicate well and have a very good sense of where to be on the court at all times.”

All medal winners will advance to the CIF Individual Tournament in Porterville on Oct. 28.


The girls? tennis team finished the season as SWSL champions with a win over Riverdale, 9-0, on Oct. 19. Prior to the match, the team recognized Jacklyn Blackwell. She is the team’s only senior, No. 1, and acknowledged her six years of play at FC at her last home match.

Winning points in singles: Jacklyn Blackwell, 8-1; Mary Kneefel, 8-1; Brittany Shaffer, 8-0; Jennifer Sherfild, 8-1; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-3; Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-1.

In doubles: Blackwell/Kneefel won 8-6; Shaffer/Sherfield won 8-0; Megan Ortiz/Christina Palmer won 8-0.

?I appreciate what players said about senior Jaclyn,? coach George Freeman said. ?The recognition complemented her life on and off the court.?

While Liberty’s No. 1 singles and doubles players played their FC counterparts into the tie-breaks, FC came out on top and eventually defeated the Hawks, 7-2, at Madera Ranchos on Oct. 17.

Although Mary Kneefel was absent from the Eagle lineup, Kristina Palmer rejoined FC for her first match after injury. By winning two matches in tiebreaker, the Eagles gained victory over the Hawks.

No. 1 FC singles player Jacyln Blackwell defeated Lauren Wallis of Madera, 8-7 (7-5). Other winning points in singles: Jennifer Sherfield, 8-3; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-4; Tonia Keys-Bramlett 8-7(7-3); Megan Ortiz, 8-3.

“It was encouraging for me to come up for 2-5 to win in singles,” Blackwell said. “I was excited the team could win again, against our main competition.”

In doubles, FC’s No. 1 team of Blackwell/Brittany Shaffer defeated Wallis/Angelica Hernandez, 8-5. Kristina Palmer and Hayley Volpa-Olsen also won 8-5.

“The girls played exceptionally well, under pressure against a very well coached and disciplined team,” coach George Freeman said. “Jennifer Sherfield again won the prized terminator award.”

The girls’ tennis team defeated the Avenal, 9-0, on Oct. 12. The Buccaneers played consistently to steal games from FC. Winning points in Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-4; Mary Kneefel, 8-1; Brittany Shaffer, 8-0; Jennifer Sherfield, 8-0; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-2; Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-0.

“I was proud of each of the girls for how well they played throughout their match,” coach George Freeman said. “They kept the intensity high and hit some awesome game winning shots.”

In doubles Blackwell/Kneefel won 8-1; Shaffer/Sherfield won 8-3; Megan Ortiz and Hayley Volpa-Olsen won 8-0.

“Jennifer Sherfield celebrated her birthday by being the first off the court thus winning the much coveted, sought after, highly esteemed terminator award.” Freeman said. “It was probably the highlight of her 16th birthday.”

The girls’ tennis team defeated Fowler on Oct. 10. The Eagles lacked energy resulting in a loss of games, but remained consistent to win, 9-0. The winning points in singles: Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-2; Mary Kneefel, 8-2; Brittany Shaffer, 8-3; Jennifer Sherfield, 8-2; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-7 (7-2), Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-3.

In doubles Blackwell/Kneefel won 8-1; Shaffer/Sherfield won 8-4; Megan Ortiz and Hayley Volpa-Olsen won 8-4.

“I was very pleased with they new formations the girls are running in doubles. These new formations are giving out girls more opportunity to execute overheads and volleys on a more frequent basis, thus resulting in free lunches.”

The girls’ tennis team defeated Caruthers, 9-0, in a two-hour match. In singles play: Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-1; Mary Kneefel, 8-0; Brittany Shaffer, 8-1; Jennifer Sherfield, 8-0; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-0; Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-0.

In doubles play: Blackwell/Kneefel 8-3 Shaffer/Sherfield 8-7 (7-4); Megan Ortiz/Hayley Volpa-Olsen, 8-0.

In the only close match, Shaffer/Sherfield were down 3-7 and came back to tie the game at, 7-7, and used the momentum to win the tie break.

?It was nice seeing Jennifer and Brittany continue the tradition of making an awesome comeback at second doubles on court three,? coach George Freeman said. ?This happened at same court in 1999, when Amy Schaffer and Mary Wiens came from behind to win at first doubles and complete the legendary perfect season.?

The girls’ tennis team defeated Riverdale, 8-1, on Oct. 3. In addition to two starters out due to injury, the No. 8 was absent from the Eagle lineup. FC played consistently during a two-hour victory.

Winning points in singles: Mary Kneefel, 8-2; Brittany Shaffer, 8-0; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-1; Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-1; Jennifer Sherfield, 8-1.

In doubles, Blackwell/Kneefel won, 8-0, Shaffer/J. Keys-Bramlett won, 8-2, and Megan Ortiz/Sophia Cook won, 8-0.

?The girls played well and seemed to maintain a high level of concentration in the midst of a lot of homecoming activities,? coach George Freeman said. ?I was especially proud of Sophia, who, as a freshman, played third doubles.?

The girls’ tennis team lost to Mission Prep, 4-5, after four hours of play on Sept. 30. Although the girls played consistently they could not adjust after travel. Winning points in singles: Mary Kneefel, 8-3; Brittany Shaffer, 8-1; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-4.

The Royals tied the match 3-3, after singles. FC needed to win two doubles for a victory, but could not work together.

In doubles Shaffer/Sherfield won 7-6 (7-5), 7-5.

“I think we played well,” Shaffer said. “We lost alot of players to injury this year, so it was going to be close. When we played them last year, we barely won.”

The girls’ tennis team defeated Coast Union, 6-3, on Sept. 29. The winning points in singles: Mary Kneefel, 8-6; Brittany Shaffer, 8-1; Jennifer Sherfield, 8-3; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-7 (7-3).

After singles play ended the Eagles’ were ahead 4-2 and needed one doubles match to win. Under the pressure, both the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds won in tiebreakers.

“I am very proud about how hard this very young team played,” coach George Freeman said, “Coast Union and Mission Prep are two well-disciplined, well-coached teams.”

In doubles Jaclyn Blackwell/Kneefel won 6-4, 5-7 (7-3); Shaffer/Sherfield won 7-6 (7-5), 7-5.

Although the girls’ tennis team concentrated on the coast trip, still days away, they defeated the Dos Palos Broncos, 9-0, on Sept. 26.

The winning points for singles: Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-0; Mary Kneefel, 8-0; Brittany Shaffer, 8-0; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-1; Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-1; Jennifer Sherfield, 8-0.

In doubles Blackwell/Kneefel won 8-0; J. Keys-Bramlett/Shaffer won 8-0; Megan Ortiz and Sophia Cook won 8-1.

“The match was good preparation for our coast trip coming up this Friday in Cambria and Saturday in San Luis,” coach George Freeman said. “The girls are showing lots of improvements; and we are seeing the fruits of our heart’s work.”

Overall record is 11-4 and SWSL record is 4-0.

The girls’ tennis team defeated Firebaugh, 9-0, on Sept. 21. Winning points in single: Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-5; Mary Kneefel, 8-0; Brittany Shaffer, 8-1; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-1; Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-0; Jennifer Sherfield, 8-0.

In doubles: Blackwell/Kneefel won 8-3; Shaffer/J. Keys-Bramlett won 8-0 and Hayley Volpa-Olsen and Megan Ortiz won 8-0.

While the FC girls focused on winning, a reward from coach George Freeman remained on the back of their minds. If a player hits an overhead into the opponent’s court, then goes over the fence, Freeman treats her and a friend to lunch.

“During the match against Firebaugh, many of my players were focused on lunch. There were a lot of close call, but my wallet is full,” Freeman said. “I think this inspires the players to work harder, and concentrate on both accuracy and power.”

Overall record is 10-4, and SWSL record is 4-0.

Both undefeated FC and Liberty-Madrea Ranchos faced off on Sept. 19. The girls’ tennis team beat the Hawks, 7-2. Winning points in singles: Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-4; Mary Kneefel, 8-2; Brittany Shaffer, 8-2; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-4; Jennifer Sherfield, 8-0. In doubles: Blackwell/Kneefel won in tiebreaker, 8-7 (9-7); Megan Ortiz and Hayley Volpa-Olsen won, 8-6.

Rivalry showed between the No. 1 doubles team. Last year Blackwell/ Kneefel lost in the final round during the individual league tournament to the Hawk duo. After doubles faced off for the second time, the Eagles doubles team battled from behind to win in a 12-point tiebreaker.

“The girls faced their greatest challenge in the SWSL,” Coach George Freeman said. “Liberty is a well coached team that has improved greatly over the last year. Even with three of our varsity players out due to injuries the girls rose to the occasion and played tactful tennis.”

“One of the highlights was watching Mary and Jaclyn come from behind in a 12 point tiebreaker to defeat their No. 1 doubles,” Freeman said, “who last year beat them in the individual league tournament.”

The girls’ tennis team remained optimistic despite three starters injured and defeated Caruthers High, 9-0, on Sept. 14.

Winning points for singles were: Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-2; Mary Kneefel, 8-0; Brittany Shaffer, 8-0; Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-0; Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-1, Jennifer Sherfield, 8-0. In doubles partners Blackwell/Kneefel won 8-2; Shaffer/ J. Keys-Bramlett won 8-2; Megan Ortiz and Hayley Volpa-Olsen won 8-1.

The Eagles will next host Liberty-Madera Ranchos on Sept. 19. The Eagles’ overall record is 7-4 and WSL record is 2-0.

With Amanda Sherr still out for the balance of the week, the FC Eagles rebounded with a convincing, 9-0, win over Tranquillity on Sept. 12. None of the matches were close but the Eagles appeared sluggish at times and No. 2 seed, Mary Kneefel, said most of the girls were sore and tired after the Peach Tree Tournament.

The girls? tennis team finished 3rd in their quadrant at the Wawona Peach Tree Classic with a 2-4 record, on Sept. 8 and 9. The girls first played Redwood High, Division I, and lost 1-5. In the second round, the girls played against Sanger High, Division I, finished 3-3, but won 7-6 based on set scores. They then defeated Merced High, Division I, 4-2, for their third match of the day.

“The girls’ tennis team played outstanding tennis against some large Division One schools in the Wawona Peach Tree Tennis tournament,” coach George Freeman said. “This is the 14th year this tournament has been played and 80 schools from as far away as Los Angeles and San Francisco came to see how their school compared to some of the best in the central valley.

“On the first day we defeated Sanger High with a student population of over 2200 and later that day we defeated Merced High which has more then 3000,” coach Freeman continued. “Not too bad for a little Christian School like us with a student population of around 300. On the last day, being placed with Division One schools, the Eagles lost all three matches by very respectable scores of 2-4.”

In the second day of the tournament, the girls lost to Central High, 2-4. Later they lost to Notre Dame, an all-girls school of 700, 2-4. To finish the tournament the Eagles’ lost to St. Mary?s, 2-4. While playing St. Mary’s, Kristina Palmer, the No. 4 seed, injured her ankle and went to the emergency room. Currently, three starters from the Eagles are gone from the starting lineup.

Amanda Sherr will return in a week, while Kara Linkowski is out for the season.

The girls will next host Tranquillity High on Sept. 12. Overall record is 5-4 and 1-0 in WSL.

The girls’ tennis team defeated Fowler, 8-1, on Sept. 7 to open the West Sierra League season. Winning points in singles were: Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-2, Mary Kneefel, 8-0, Brittany Shaffer, 8-4, Kristina Palmer, 8-1, Janae Keys-Bramlett, 8-2, and Tonia Keys-Bramlett, 8-4. In doubles play partners Blackwell/Kneefel, 8-2, and Megan Ortiz and Jennifer Sherfield, 8-1, continued FC’s dominance.

FC will next play at the Wawona Peach Tree Classic on Sept. 8-9 at Sunnyside High. FC’s overall record is 3-0 and 1-0 in the WSL.

Amanda Sherr and Kara Linkowski continue to be sidelined with leg injuries.

The girls’ tennis team overcame injury to defeat the rival Eagles’ of Immanuel High, Division IV, 7-2, on Sept. 5. Amanda Sherr and Kara Linkowski’s condition is still pending. Winning points in singles: Mary Kneefel, 8-0; Brittany Shaffer, 8-2; Kristina Palmer, 8-1; Janae Bramlett, 8-3; Tonia Bramlett, 8-1. In doubles: Kneefel/Shaffer won 8-3 and Megan Ortiz and Jennifer Sherfield won 8-1.

Despite two starters sidelined, the girls’ tennis team remained determined to defeat Yosemite High School, Division III, 9-0, in a preseason scrimmage, on Aug. 25. Although Mary Kneefel will return for the upcoming match, Amanda Sherr’s ankle is still under wraps.

Winning points in singles: Jaclyn Blackwell, 8-0; Kara Linkowski, 8-0; Brittany Shaffer, 8-0; Kristina Palmer, 8-5; Janae Bramlett, 8-2; Tonia Bramlett, 8-2. In doubles Blackwell/Linkowski won 8-1 and Shaffer/Palmer won 8-1. The Badgers needed to forfeit third doubles due to an incomplete team.

Despite losing three starters to their Valley Champion team, including No. 1, Ashley Sherr and No. 2, Jenny Beckman, the girls’ tennis team defeated Madera High School, 7-2, in a friendly scrimmage, Aug. 24. Madera, a Division I team, could not compete with an Eagle squad that kept sharp taking summer lessons.

Winning points in singles for the Eagles were: Jaclyn Blackwell, 7-6 (9-7), 3-6, (10-2); Kara Linkowski, 6-4, 6-1; Brittany Shaffer, 6-0, 6-3; Kristina Palmer, 6-4, 6-3; and Janae Bramlett, 6-3, 7-5. In doubles Blackwell and Linkowski won 8-1 and Tonia Bramlett/Jennifer Sherfield won 8-3. The girls next scrimmage at home against Yosemite High on Aug. 25.

Jenior Jenny Beckman graduated early in May and senior Ashley Sherr is now playing for Fresno Pacific University’s women’s soccer team.

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