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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Princess pageant gets dirty

Student leadership ventured from the standard formal wear presentation, talent portion, and question and answer segments for the annual princess pageant on Oct. 3. Instead nominees answered toad trivia on amphibian facts.

The sophomores and juniors failed to answer any question with accuracy, but the freshmen managed to respond correctly once to give them the win.

?The Toad Trivia questions were really hard,? Melissa O?Leary, ?10, said, ?How were any of us supposed to know random facts about frogs??

The spin-off game of steal the bacon, steal the frog, consisted of the potential princesses hopped into a pile of corn, sardines, oatmeal, chili beans, tomato sauce and pasta only to wrestle with the other contestants for a frog.

?My favorite game the girls played was when they jumped into the huge pile of mush,? Spencer Lee, ?10, said, ?It was the only time there was some action.?

The sophomore attempts failed, and the juniors defeated the freshmen in a tiebreaker to give them their first win.

“Jennifer (Sherfield) and I weren?t going to lose to the freshmen?, Claire Kister, ?08, said, ?even though the mixture smelt and looked disgusting, we would stop at nothing to grab the frog.?

Despite victory in the previous categories, pond pong, served as the last chance to become the overall winner. The girls needed to toss a coin into two of ten cups; the first class to get the coins into the lemonade would win. The remaining cups were filled with variations of V8, buttermilk, well-blended spam and bananas.

?Watching the girls chug down the shakes was disgusting,? Shane Darakjian, ?09, said, ?even if I was extremely bored, I would never blend up spam, mix it with some V8 and drink it.?

After enduring a cup of buttermilk and mixed spam, the junior candidates each drank lemonade to toast their victory over the other girls.

?Even though some students put dirt in my spam shake,? Sherfield said, ?it was totally worth drinking when I got to throw a pie in the loser?s faces.?

In addition to a pie in the face by the juniors, the sophomore and freshmen were forced to kiss a frog.

“It was so hard for me to kiss the frog because I?m deathly afraid of them,? Jessica Mesple, ?09, said. ?When I was little I didn?t care at all. I would catch them all the time. One time my brother and Kenny (Chapel, ’09) put five frogs in my bed and ever since then I?ve been scared of them.?

Students will vote for their class princess on Oct. 6. The results will be announced at hours later, during halftime, at homecoming on Oct. 6 at Clark Intermediate.

For more information regarding homecoming email Josh Tosland, leadership adviser.

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Comments (2)

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  • J

    Jason HerronAug 26, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Yeah, Scotty tends to touch or in other ways contaminate just about any food Mrs. Scharf leaves on the cart.

    Even with Stobbe teasing him just about every day, he still continues to take food he wishes.

  • S

    Sharon ScharfAug 26, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Yes – Scotty is our 4th period art cookie monster – who swoops over to the cart on which I place any left over food and tends to touch everything, then asks if he can have some!

    I will affirm the fact that our FCHS home ec bakers ROCK!