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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Superintendent Jeremy Brown strives to advance FC campus


Administrator encourages a community of world changers

Entering his fifth year serving the Fresno Christian community, Superintendent Jeremy Brown anticipates a changing and developing campus. Pursuing both quality and growth, Brown strives to prepare students for the struggles and pressures of their generation.

[/media-credit] After high school, Brown worked as masonry assistant, ranch hand, butcher, and state licensed meat inspector.

During his college years, Brown worked as masonry assistant, ranch hand, butcher, and state licensed meat inspector. Favoring his work as a ranch hand, Brown enjoyed his job outside. working with cattle alongside his border collie, Samson.

Graduating with a BA and MA from Fresno State University, Brown moved on to teach at Oak Valley Union School District. After working in administration at Citrus Middle School and Navelencia Middle School, he helped begin Silas Bartsch School in Reedley, CA.

Working beside Brown at Silas Bartsch, campus vice principal Katie Reneau recalls her years of teaching with Brown as the principal. Feeling valued under Brown’s direction, Reneau appreciates the dedication Brown shows in his job and the support he gives to the staff, parents, students and community.

“Mr. Brown had faith in me as a professional, allowed me to take risks in my classroom, and supported me through my ideas to make my classroom great,” Reneau said. “Mr. Brown cares about each of his staff as a brother or sister in Christ, before a boss to an employee.

“He has hired people with unique giftings that match the needs on our campus,” Reneau continued. “He cares deeply for his people and does what he can to make this a great experience for everyone.”

Previously involved in youth ministry, Brown recognizes the need for the Gospel in the next generation. He aims to equip a generation of “world-changers” to share the love of Christ with their peers.

As we look at what God’s called us to do, my goal is to support the world changers to reach this generation,” Brown said. “When you think about the 70% church rate of Fresno County, that is 700,000 people who don’t know Jesus. I as a 47 year old am going to have a much harder time trying to reach a 13 to 25 year old.

“But students will reach each other so my job is to support not only our students but the generation who knows Christ,” Brown continued. “I see it happen every day and that is why we do what we do here at Fresno Christian.”

In the following podcast, Jeremy Brown discusses the mission of Fresno Christian and his heart for the students on campus.

A recovering workaholic, Brown values family and the time he spends with them. Hiking, cycling, or reading occupy his time as Brown strives to spend as much time as possible with his children before they move away.

Brown’s son, Reese Brown, ‘19, appreciates his dad’s guidance on how to grow up and become a Godly man. Planning to pursue a career in criminology or business, Reese applies his dad’s example to every area of his life.

“My dad has impacted my life by getting me into sports,” Reese said. “If it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have played any sport as a kid or in high school. He is also the reason I came to Fresno Christian which I am super happy about. If not for that I wouldn’t know all the amazing people I have met here.”

Sophomore Caleigh Alday strives to see FC students apply what Brown teaches to their lives. She hopes that as Brown continues to encourage the students, students will encourage each other to be “world changers”.

[/media-credit] Brown strives to prepare students for the struggles and pressures of their generation.

“It’s really awesome that administration sees us as world changers,” Alday said. “I love how Mr. Brown preaches ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’ because he could never say that in his other school he worked at.

“We really need to start encouraging each other on campus and see that we all are equally needed at FCS,” Alday continued. “Many of us are being excluded but only some stand out. I believe that under Mr. Brown those things will start to change.”

As he continues to advance the FC campus, superintendent Brown strives for growth in quality and programming. With the support of The Feather, students, staff, and community, Brown sets long term goals for the success of Fresno Christian.

“We’ve grown 40% in the last 3 years and that changes our culture,” Brown said. “I’ve been a part of a lot of schools that are over 800 students and once you get to that point, it’s harder to keep the focus of the organization. We are growing in quality, supporting students and encouraging them to be world-changers.

“With The Feather, our science program, and S.T.E.M., our programs continue to grow,” Brown continued. “I know that those things will continue to get better and the other thing is just seeing what our community needs. In talking with parents and local organizations, I look forward to seeing that align.”

Brown believes that as society changes, the job of FCS is to equip students for life and service in Jesus Christ. Preparing them to meet any challenge ahead, Brown hopes for 40 more years of students impacting their community for Christ.

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Addison Schultz can be reached via email and via Twitter.

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    Jeremy L BrownDec 14, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Great article Addison, it was a pleasure to work with you.