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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Quality of life declines with moral decay

Morality is on a steady decline in the US. In a country where Christian virtue and Bible-based integrity once prevailed, these attributes are now little more than a minority. When actions result in uncomfortable consequences, many abandon responsibility in an attitude of escape.

Everyday, over 2000 teens become pregnant. Nearly 50% of these teens then seek abortions. It is also common for such teens to become teenage single parents. This then sets a trend that devalues morality and brings integrity to a low point. All of these tragedies begin at home. (

Statistics show that the divorce rate in America has skyrocketed over the past few decades. This often makes it difficult for both parents to be involved as they should be with their children and can even increase the number of single parents across the nation. Some say children raised in such an environment tend to lose sense of moral values and face a lack of integrity.

The irony is that the figures for divorce rate among Christian families are much larger than that of non-Christian and are increasing. Problems in society stand not only with godless families, but two-fold with Christians. (

The environment in which a child is raised affects the person they become. The influences in their lives at such a vulnerable age are key aspects of this move from childhood to adulthood. Not only as Christians, but also as people, each individual should strive to be that positive authority.

The classic example of declining morals in society today is in how television has changed over the years. Where there once were shows in the ’50s such as Leave It To Beaver, which placed a value on family morals, many mainstream shows today are based on sex, immorality and violence.

Fifty years ago, family values meant everything. The divorce rate was less than half what it is today. When couples married, they stayed together because of pressure to do so from society.

Quality time and effort was spent on families. It was a common occurrence for families to dine together for every meal. During this time, it was safe for children to play alone outside. The crime rate was at an all time low in the ’50s and has been on a steady rise since.

The difference between Christians and non-Christians was once a noticeable quality. Today, the distinction has become blurred. Tolerance of bad language, explicit movies and suggestive magazines has become a serious problem. They focus less on valuable messages that once promoted a healthy family unit. Wrong and right often have become interchangeable depending on the situation.

A world that values no absolute right and accepts immorality is misguided. Guidelines for life, such as the Ten Commandments, are meant to guard not only the physical well being, but the emotional as well.

People often forget that their emotional state is as important as the physical. Those who set absolute standards of right and wrong and leave no room for exceptions are the ones who will live a better life.

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