New semester prompts diligence

Other Staff

For many students, mornings begin with the sounds of ringing alarms. The warm sheets seem to entice them to sleep a little while longer and push aside things in their morning routines to acquire some extra sleep time. We may find ourselves with a disgruntled attitude toward our day, which may affect our performance in school, and ultimately lead the semester on a downhill road.

“After vacation it can be so much harder to get yourself out of bed and get back into doing work and having your time completely filled up,” Carina Moran, ’05, said.

The new semester has begun and many students press on setting new goals for the rest of the year. They set aside precious time that will be soon filled will grueling hours of homework.

The new semester has given many a new outlook as they strive to complete this school year with a strong finish. The relaxing Christmas vacation has left many prepared for the rest of the year.

“I am really excited to be a senior, but I really need to do my best because its my last semester in high school,” Moran said. “The new semester gives you a fresh look at the rest of the year because you basically start all over again and you can do better than you did last semester.”

With school back in full action and vacation behind us, many find it hard to find the drive within themselves to go on. The thought of summer is in the back of our minds and this semester can seem to crawl by. Many crave freedom from the classrooms for a while.

“Second semester seems way too long; by now, I am ready to be out,” Nick Carrera, ’05, said. “It can be hard to want to do your work and stay on task, I have to push myself so hard at times to finish my homework or whatever. It is my last semester in high school so I know that it will be coming to end pretty soon and I am excited.”

While many set resolutions to study more, it can be a tedious task to hold yourself accountable. The new semester has spurred a new revival in grades and a new outlook on school. With four months left, it may pay off to work hard and finish strong.

If you require extra assistance with homework there are tutors available after school. For more information on the tutoring program contact Mrs. Siebert or the high school office at 299-1695.