Christmas chapel reveals meaning of season

Other Staff

The drama department put their acting skills to the test in chapel with the Trinity Advent Play on Dec. 13 in Ground Zero during chapel. The 25-minute piece was set up to appear like a dramatic sermon on the true meaning of Christmas.

Heather Autry, ’04, plays Peg, the main character that is given bad news a few weeks before Christmas. Autry and her husband, pastor Peter Mueller played by Greg Tharpe, ’04, struggle through what proves to be a ‘hard Christmas.’

“It was hard playing a character that I am the opposite of my personality,” Autry said. “She was an older woman and I am just a teenager. Plus the fact that she was dying made it so hard.”

The dialogue conveyed the truth that “wherever God’s grace is, the darkness of this world stands in high contrast.

“I have learned so much about the advent season,” Autry said. “It was an awesome experience.”

The performers learned more than their lines during the practices and performance of the play.

“I’ve learned that when adults keep secrets from each other it can cause difficult problems in their relationships,” Tharpe said. “The portrayal of this character though came naturally to me; I loved playing a pastor.”

Allison Aubucon, ’04, played Peg’s good friend, Helen, who brought encouragement and insight to Peg as she struggled with the truth that she has a terminal illness.

Additionally, Lacy Hearnsberger, ’03, offered unexpected support as a stranger that Peg runs into in a card shop.

The play will be performed again at the Little Church in the Pines at Bass Lake at 10 a.m. on Dec. 16.