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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Alcohol thwarts judgment

Loud music, a couple beers and a crowded dance floor may seem like harmless fun, but the consequences of a teenage party may prove to be more fatal than a stained rug and a broken lamp.

According to Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, alcohol is the leading factor in deaths among young people ranging from ages 10 to 24. This causes car accidents, unintentional injuries, and suicides.

?Even though you hear the horror stories and startling statistics, teenagers still party,? a junior who wishes to remain anonymous said. ?I started partying my sophomore year because all of my friends were doing it and I didn?t want to be left out on a Saturday night. No one ever thinks about the consequences.?

The majority of teenage parties take place on the weekend when the parents are absent.

?When someone?s parents leave most teenagers expect a party at their house,? anonymous said. ?It?s B.Y.O.B, (bring your own booze) and there is always plenty for everyone. Although teenagers can?t legally buy alcohol, they can just ask an older sibling or take some from their parent?s private stash.?

After a couple of hours, a party can morph into a potentially dangerous situation due to a large consumption of alcohol.

?Once the alcohol kicks in things start to get crazy,? anonymous said. ?Groups of kids start fighting or doing stupid things they would not normally do if they were sober. Girls start drama and there is sometimes even sexual behavior. I have tried to help my friends in the past, but when they are that wasted it is almost impossible to stop them.?

While some teenagers prefer to party and engage in risky behavior, others choose to avoid the temptation.

?As a Christian, I live by God?s standards,? David Quenzer, ?07, said. ?These standards are found in the Bible which delivers themes such as purity in the body and mind. Drugs and partying do not bring glory to God and therefore I abstain from these things. I have made friends that are strong Christians and so I am not tempted to follow the party crowd.?

Although some teens find partying as a way of acceptance among peers others see it as a shallow excuse to get drunk.

?I would consider high-school students who party as na

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