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Softball sport shorts, 2007

(Latest softball shorts will be at the top of the section. Scroll down to check out past results. Tournament games do not count toward win/loss record. Visit the Sports Section for softball features)

For the 2007 softball SWSL schedule, standings and stats, click on MaxPreps
SWSL softball

FC’s overall record is 2-12 and 0-8 in the South West Sierra League as of May 10. The girls’ softball season was delayed because many of the players upheld obligations to the girls’ basketball team that played deep into the playoffs.


FC defeated Tranquility 16-2 during the team?s final game on May 10. Despite a losing season, the Eagles pulled together to end the season with a victory.

The Eagles focused on enjoying the last game of the season. An early lead allowed the entire team to play, as well as giving them the opportunity to play various positions.

FC stepped up their offense, allowing them to score all of their runs in five innings and give the entire team the opportunity to bat. This gave the Eagles their highest on-base percentage of the season.

For the Eagles, the game represented the culmination of the team?s work and a long-awaited victory.

FC lost to Riverdale, 4-10, in their senior night and final league game of the season May 8. Despite an early lead, numerous errors cost the Eagles the game.

The Eagles attacked first, scoring in the third inning. Senior Christina Cabias, who batted 2-4, hit a single and scored on a passed ball.

Though FC held the Cowgirls in the first three innings, in the fourth inning the tide of the game turned. Riverdale scored two in that inning, followed by a rally of six in the fifth, and two more in the sixth to put the Cowgirls ahead 10-1. Riverdale capitalized on the Eagles? weak defense, which committed 10 errors in the three innings.

In spite of the overwhelming lead, the Eagles finished the game strong. They held the Cowgirls in the seventh, and attacked when at bat. Cabias batted in sophomore Katie White, and junior Melanie Nachtigal and senior Kelsey Marston scored off of a hit by junior Brittany Lauber.

Though the Eagles? defense cost the team the game, the offense improved to give them the highest scoring game of league. Sophomore Larissa Hensley batted 3-4 and junior Amanda Wood hit 2-3.

Though not reflected in the score, Wood pitched a solid game, giving up no earned runs.

Overall the Eagles view the game as a missed opportunity and an anticlimactic end to league play.

?The errors cost us the game,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said. ?We can not afford ten errors in a game, much less over the course of three innings.?

FC next plays at Tranquillity on May 10 in the season’s final game.

FC lost to Caruthers, 4-2, in a SWSL match-up at the Eagles? diamond on May 3. Despite an early lead, the Eagles allowed Caruthers to come back and take the game.

The Eagles attacked in the third inning. With sophomore Emily Krieghoff, who went 3-4, on base, junior Brittany Lauber hit a ball to right field resulting in an error that allowed Kreighoff to score. This gave the Eagles their first lead in league.

In the fourth inning, the Eagles struck again. Junior Amanda Wood hit a single, and her courtesy runner, junior Michelle Rose, scored off of a single by sophomore Katie White. This put FC ahead by two runs, and the team held Caruthers until the sixth inning.

Overall the Eagles played solid defense, but in the sixth inning three successive errors cost FC the lead, and ultimately the game. The errors loaded the bases with no outs for Caruthers? best hitter, who hit a three-run triple. In the next play, the runner scored, giving Caruthers a 4-2 lead.

Though the Eagles could not get on base in the sixth inning, they fought to score in the seventh. With two outs, junior Jennifer Rose and Kreighoff got on base. Lauber, the next batter, hit a single to right field, but the Caruthers? catcher tagged Rose out when she attempted to score.

Despite the disappointment, overall the Eagles played one of their best games of the season. Wood struck nine batters out, and, as the paragon of the Eagles? offense, senior Christina Cabias batted 3-3.

?Except for the sixth inning, we played a great game,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said. ?The errors cost us, but overall we improved.?

FC lost at Fowler, 3-8, in a league game on May 1. Despite the lost, the Eagles improved in batting to score one of the first multiple run games of league.

Fowler scored in the first inning, through a combination of well-placed hits and errors. The Redcats scored in every inning but the third, including a homerun by Galvan in the sixth.

Despite multiple strikeouts, the Eagles stepped up their offense on the second time through the line-up. With two outs in the fourth inning, junior Brittany Lauber hit a single to right field. Senior Christina Cabias, who batted 2-3, hit a triple to score the runner and put a run on the board for the Eagles.

Though at this point Fowler lead only 3-1, the Redcats strengthened their lead, scoring two runs in retaliation in the fourth.

In the sixth inning, the Eagles scored two runs in a final attempt to increase their score. Cabias and sophomore Larissa Hensley batted in runs. Hensley scored, as well as junior Jennifer Rose who got on base with a bunt and stole two bases.

Despite the improvement at the plate, the Eagles defense lacked enthusiasm. Errors resulted in multiple unearned runs, and non-aggressive play gave Fowler hits on potential outs. However, there were some sparks in the overall dull defense: junior second baseman Micaelah Aleman turned a double play to senior first baseman Kelsey Marston, and junior Amanda Wood pitched a solid game with five strikeouts.

Overall, the team views the game as a definite improvement in hitting, though there are still opportunities.

?We played a good game overall,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said. ?Fowler is the best team in the league, but one we decided to start hitting we were in the game.?

FC lost at Liberty, 0-5, in a league game on April 26. In the teams? second face off, the Eagles improved over their previous mercy-rule loss, but were unable to overcome the Hawks.

The Hawks jumped on the Eagles from the first inning. Despite junior Amanda Wood striking out three batters for the outs, Liberty scored one run on a miscommunication error on an attempted double play.

Over the next few innings, the Eagles held the game relatively close, 2-0, but in the fifth inning the Hawks scored three runs off of errors and timid defense.

The Eagles struggled in batting throughout the entire game. Even though senior Christina Cabias batted 3-3 and Wood 2-3, the rest of the line-up was unable to deliver results at the plate, thus stranding all runners.

Though the score reflects an improvement over the team?s previous game versus Liberty, the team views the game as yet another blown opportunity to play to their full potential.

?There were some good points in the game; Amanda pitched a great game and Christina worked hard behind the plate,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said. ?However, we still need to improve to the point where we are able to produce results in the game.?

FC will next travel to play Fowler on May 1.

Dos Palos defeated FC, 1-0, in a non-league game on April 25. However, the game ended after two innings of play after the umpires ruled the home plate as unsafe, thus ending the game.

In the first two innings, the Eagles played defense timidly, allowing Dos Palos to score in the second inning. In the third out of the inning, a runner slid home and dislodged the base.

A cracked plate forced FC to replace it, but they could not get the new one cemented in before the game.

Following the forfeit, FC scrimmaged Dos Palos. In an ironic twist, FC won the scrimmage (which would have given them their second win of the season) but lost the game.

During the scrimmage, junior Michelle Rose hit a triple and junior Amanda Wood pitched a solid game despite a sore arm.

CARUTHERS DEFEATS FC, 2-1, on April 19
Caruthers defeated FC, 2-1, on April 19. Despite a tie for the majority of the game and multiple scoring opportunities, the Eagles were unable to clinch a victory.

The Blue Raiders scored in the first inning as result of placed hits and an error. Despite the early lead, FC prevented Caruthers from scoring throughout the next five innings.

The Eagles struck back in the third inning. Sophomore Emily Kreighoff, hit a single and scored on a triple by senior Christina Cabias? hit, just shy of the outfield fence. This gave FC their first non-zero tied game in league.

In the fifth inning, FC had the opportunity to score again. Although bases were loaded, the Eagles were unable to score (a situation reminiscent of their previous game versus Fowler).

Caruthers retaliated in the sixth inning, scoring again as a result of well-placed hits through the timid Eagle defense.

With their final ups, FC attempted failed to score. Junior Brittany Lauber, hit a double on the first pitch of the inning. In spite of having a runner in scoring position with no outs, the Eagles were unable to score.

Despite the Caruthers lead, multiple FC players had two-hit games, including sophomore Katie White, who laid down an bunt as well as hitting a single into left field.

The Eagles? made two double plays and Cabias threw out two runners. Junior Amanda Wood pitched had five strikeouts in spite of a rolled ankle. FC had errors in key situations, which cost FC runs.

?Caruthers handed us the game on a silver platter,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said, ?but we said, ?Sorry, we?re not hungry.? Though we did a lot of good things, we need to stop making errors and deliver in clutch situations.?

FC lost to Fowler, 4-0, in a non-league game at the Eagle?s diamond on April 17. Despite loading the bases twice and a general improvement in play over the previous game versus Riverdale, FC feel to the longtime rival.

The Redcats attacked immediately and put runners on base in the first. Fowler scored three runs on well-placed hits and bunts while taking advantage of the Eagles? timid defense.

Both teams did not seem to be phases by the windy conditions.

Despite Fowler?s early lead, the Eagles stepped up their defensive game and allowed only one run (in the third inning) for the remainder of the game. Junior pitcher Amanda Wood struck out ten batters while starring defensively on the field.

Senior catcher Christina Cabias threw out a runner at second, while intimidating runners to stay on base. The rest of the team played consistently, making few errors.

On the offensive side, though the Eagle?s managed to get on base, but they were unable to score. Though they loaded the bases twice, once with no outs and a second time in the seventh inning, FC could not deliver in clutch situations.

Despite this, the Eagles improved overall in their hitting. Designated sophomore hitters Allison Neufeld and Larissa Hensley hit two for three.

In spite of a disappointing loss that put FC?s league record at 0-3, the Eagles see the game as an improvement and a stepping-stone towards victory.

?I have mixed feelings about the game,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said. ?Overall we improved from Riverdale, especially in hitting. We still need to get our bats going earlier on in the game though.?

Riverdale defeated FC, 1-4, despite less Eagle errors and more hits, on April 12.

Although Riverdale made hits and had runners on base, they did not score, keeping the score tied,0-0, for the first inning. In the second inning, the Eagles’ did not score and the Cowgirls’ hit a double, advancing a runner to home plate.

In the bottom of the third, Riverdale scored 2 runs due to FC errors and lack of energy, however, catcher Christina Cabias threw out a runner at second. In the next inning, Riverdale scored an additional runner, leading 4-0.

The Eagles’ next up at bat, in the fifth, sophomore Larissa Hensely hit a single and advanced bases, then scored on a sacrifice pop-fly by Cabias. The remaining of the game, both teams were unable to score again, Riverdale won, 4-1.

?We were a completely different team than our last game,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said. ?We have improved and need to continue building upon what we have learned.?

Pitcher Amanda Wood, ’08, totaled 6 strikeouts during the game.

LIBERTY SHUTS OUT FC, 10-0, on April 10
FC lost to Liberty, 0-10, in their first league game on April 10. Despite a tied score for the first inning, Hawks strengthen their hits to earn a place on the scoreboard.

Hawk runners were on base, however, the Eagles’ third baseman Brittany Lauber, ’08, created a double play to keep the score tied 0-0, until the second when Liberty scored 2 runs.

FC’s lack of aggression created opportunities for Liberty; in the third inning the Hawks scored 5 more runs, totaling, 7-0. Although Liberty created a greater deficit, the Eagles’ catcher Christina Cabias, ’07, threw out a runner on an attempted steal.

In the fourth the Hawks placed their hits to lead, 10-0, and Liberty clinched the victory and ended the game without playing the last three innings.

?We had a few good plays,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said, ?but overall we were embarrassed out there. We need to perform in games.?

Only four Eagle runners reached first base during the game. Lauber walked and hit a single. Junior Jennifer Rose laid down a bunt and stole two bases, but was left stranded on third base. Cabias hit a single, but the rest of the line-up was unsuccessful at bat.

FC lost to Mendota 2-3 in a non-league game on the Eagles’ diamond, March 29. Despite a scoreless game until the sixth inning, the Eagles were unable to hold onto the game.

For the first five innings, the Eagles played solid defense. Though the Aztecs managed to get on base, FC played confidently without allowing them to score. Senior captain and catcher Christina Cabias threw two runners out on attempted steals and junior pitcher Amanda Wood struck out four batters.

However, on the offensive side the Eagles appeared unable to hit the ball. Up until the seventh inning, Mendota had a perfect game, preventing anyone from getting on base.

In the sixth inning Mendota scored as a result of Eagle errors that allowed runners to get on base. In the seventh inning the Aztecs struck again in de-ja-vu fashion; Eagle errors allowed runners to advance on base, setting the stage for a well-placed hit to score two Aztec runs.

Despite the three-point deficit the Eagles did not wilt in the bottom of the seventh inning. FC refused to go down without a fight. With one out, sophomore Allison Neufeld walked, spoiling Mendota?s previously perfect game. The next batter, junior Brittany Lauber, cracked a ball into right field for a double and allowing Neufeld?s pinch runner, Victoria Breedlove, to score. This ruined both Mendota?s no-hitter and shutout.

Cabias, as the next batter up, sent a sacrifice grounder towards the first base side that moved Lauber to third base. Lauber then scored on a passed ball, giving Wood the second RBI of the game. Despite the burst of effort at the end of the game, it was not enough to allow the Eagles to walk of the field with a win.

?Overall we played well,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said. ?We had a couple errors that allowed runs, but what we really need to work on is batting. We need to get on base before the seventh inning.?

The loss puts FC?s non-league record at 1-3.


FC lost at Firebaugh, 3-4, in a non-league game on March 22. Despite an early lead, the team crumbled as a result of mental and fielding errors.

Though FC’s first three batters struck-out, they came back and made an impact in the second inning. Senior Christina Cabias led off the inning with a triple, a strongly hit ball just shy of the outfield fence. Junior Amada Wood hit a sacrifice fly in the next at-bat, which allowed Cabias to score, putting FC ahead, 1-0.

In the next inning, FC attacked again. With runners on third and first, junior Brittany Lauber hit a single RBI allowing sophomore Larissa Hensley to score, resulting in a 2-0 lead.

Despite their lead, FC began making mental errors on the field beginning in the third inning. Once the first error was committed, a chain reaction of more errors resulted. Firebaugh took advantage of this to score two runs to tie the game.

In response to Firebaugh?s attack, Cabias (who batted 2-2) struck back with an inside the park home run in the sixth inning, giving FC a 3-2 lead.

Despite the one-point lead, FC gave the game away in the bottom of the sixth inning. Though Wood pitched a consistent game with six strikeouts, when the ball was in-play the team appeared unable to make plays consistently. Multiple errors, most of which were mental rather than on difficult-to-field balls, resulted in Firebaugh?s scoring of two runs.

Unable to bounce back in their final at-bat, FC returned home with a loss, putting their non-league record at 1-2.

?We gave the game away,? coach Tiffany Kaiser said. ?When we make an error, we need to learn how to let it go; we still have a lot to work on.?

MCLANE DEFEATS FC, 6-2, on March 21
McLane defeated FC, 6-2, in a non-league game on March 21. Despite fewer errors than FC’s previous game, the Eagles were unable to leave the field with a win.

Although McLane got a hit with the lead off batter in the first inning, FC limited them to one run. Then, sophomore Larissa Hensley scored during the Eagles’ first time at bat, due to senior Christina Cabias’ RBI.

Although FC led for a majority of the game, McLane retailed with a three-run home run to seal their victory, 6-2.

In spite of the loss, coach Tiffany Kaiser views the game as a learning experience. Hensley and junior Amanda Wood both batted 2-3 and Wood had 6 strikeouts.

?We played well,? Kaiser said. ?McLane earned the win, but we forced them to work for it instead of handing them the game.?

FC defeated University High, 8-7, in a non-league game at the Eagles’ diamond, on March 19. This was the Eagles first game, as games were canceled due to girls playing on the basketball team that went deep into the playoffs.

For the first six innings FC maintained strong defense, which resulted in no opposing runs. The Eagles had a few errors, however, but University did not advance on the opportunities. The Eagles accumulated eight runs in six innings as sophomore Emily Krieghoff, junior Amanda Wood and senior Christina Cabias each scored on triples.

With an 8-0 lead and one remaining inning in the game, Coach Tiffany Kaiser decided to rest Wood, after nine strikeouts.

In the top of the seventh, the tide of the game turned. As a result of five numerous errors by the Eagles, University scored seven runs. The game ended, however, when catcher Cabias tagged an incoming runner at home plate.

?I was proud of the way the girls played the first six innings,? Kaiser said. ?We still have a lot to work on though. If we have five errors in a row against some of the better teams, they?ll eat us alive.?

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