Resolutions are often made to break

Other Staff

With every new year, the challenge of making and not breaking personal New Year’s resolutions becomes a challenge for many people young and old.

“I have never made a New Year’s resolution because I think that they are just another thing to break,” Chris White, ’05, said. “I have friends that have made them and it seems as if they are really hard to stick with. I like to tease my friends when I catch them breaking their New Year’s resolution.”

Other than worrying about not fulfilling resolutions, some feel that they are a way to change something to better themselves and their life.

“New Year’s resolutions are good for people who are making changes in their life for the better,” Jenny Ficklin, ’04, said. “Although I do not think they are necessary because you can make a change in you life anytime.”

While some have not desired to change with the new year some attempt resolutions knowing they may end up in failure or success.

“I think New Year’s resolutions are good,” Alan Tong, math teacher, said. “Its good to stop, reflect on the past year and make a change. Usually in the past I have not stuck to my resolutions. This year I would like to loose 10 pounds but I will probably end up gaining 10 pounds.”

Some prefer not to set goals because due to their awareness it will not be carried out.

“A lot of people make resolutions and they never work out,” Aaron Shamblin, ’02, said. “I never make resolutions because I know I wont keep them anyways.”

Goals should be set and sought throughout the school year. Often students only think about this in September.

“I have goals that I set for my self throughout the year,” Gary Schultz, Principal, said. “Students should set goals each year, things that are reasonable and reachable. Often New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken on purpose.”

Many find appeal to the idea of change not just at the new year but all year long.

“You should challenge yourself all year long not just at the beginning of the year,” Eric Lee Gilmore, algebra teacher, said. “The new year gives you an opportunity to challenge you self and to do something never done before.”