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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Teen models learn life skills

The spotlights spin and the music roars. A tall, beautiful model strides down the runway; all eyes focus on her.

Models aim for confidence, poise and experience to produce a runway show, photo shoot or commercial. However, modeling can add these characteristics to girls. Victoria Breedlove, ?10, attends Barbizon School of Modeling in Fresno and has modeled since the age of five.

?I enjoy modeling because it is a way to gain confidence and have fun new experiences too,? Breedlove said. ?Modeling has also helped me to become more friendly.?

Students at Barbizon learn skills like runway modeling, posing for photos and etiquette. These skills prepare them for future jobs in modeling or acting as adults, or just as a way to improve social skills.

?I think I will keep modeling for a career, plus it is a fun after-school activity,? Breedlove said. ?It helps me better myself by practicing poise, and making good impressions at job interviews. Barbizon is the first step towards becoming a model.?

Graduates from Barbizon can apply for shows, and the school sends resumes to agencies. This allows students to get out into the modeling world.

Breedlove is still learning the ropes of modeling and looks to her family for support.

?My mom is supportive in everything I do,? Breedlove said. ?She helps me in my interests by driving me to lessons, and she helps me with style. She always knows what?s current in the fashion world. She?s really my best friend.?

Amberly Roy, ?09, has already graduated from Barbizon and is scheduled to perform in a runway show for the boutique Starlette O?Hara on March 14.

?I felt really honored to be picked for the Barbizon program (through auditions) and I worked really hard in order to graduate,? Roy said. ?My dad has helped me by getting me jobs, and that really helps to have experience.?

After completing a 24 week program, Roy entered the modeling world.

?After graduating, my self confidence grew because I felt prepared to take on anything, Roy said. ?I was really self-conscious when I started because on the runway you are under a lot of scrutiny. Also, some of the other girls in competitions say mean things, and I had to learn not to take them personally.?

While the genre of modeling is often criticized for forcing models to starve themselves or wear inappropriate clothing, these young students find ways to respect God in their events.

?Models need not worry about their weight because regular people come in all sizes, and we should set a good example for the public,? Roy said. ?If I was asked to wear something revealing for a show, I would request an alternative because modesty is especially important for my moral standards.?

Although Roy has learned all the different facets, she is passionate about runway modeling.

?I love runway because the experience is thrilling, with the lights flashing and all eyes on you,? Roy said. ?It really forces you to put yourself out there.?

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