FAFSA application speeds student aid funding

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Searching and planning for their college future is one of the challenges that seniors across the nation experience. Most seniors also have to deal with the financial aspect of attending college, let alone getting the sometimes highly demanding requirements. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) allows students to obtain funding for college by filling out a 93 question application and sending it to the college of their choice.

If a student wants a Cal Grant, they must have a FAFSA application filled out and approved by the selected college and government. In a meeting with Bernie Ogden, a director of financial aid from Fresno Pacific, on Jan. 10, students and their families interested in accessing financial aid information were given an overview. Ogden also helped students fill out their FAFSA application by discussing each question in detail.

“We hope students will begin to realize the importance of the classes they take in high school,” Ginger Niemeyer, vice principal, said. “And develop an interest in an area that might end up being a career choice of the future.”

Students who want to use the Internet to gain information can go to StudentAid.ed.gov There is a FAFSA application at both websites that students may use, but there are 93 questions on the application that come from a variety of categories and require extensive answers.

The majority of students that graduate from FC go to Fresno City College, where they can get their general education out of the way and then transfer to either Fresno State or a UC.

“I’m going to City because I was lazy in high school,” Jon Wills, ’02, said, “and didn’t put forth my maximum effort. I’m going to transfer to Fresno State if everything works out or else I’m using the four-year plan at City.”

Some students also choose to take the Leon S. Peters Honors Program at Fresno City, which is one of the top programs in the Valley.

“I chose the Honors program because I wanted mental stimulation,” Chelsea Myers, ’02, said.”This program will encourage me to work at a steady, above average pace and complete my general education within two years. It will also enable me to transfer to more prestigious colleges for my final years of schooling.”

Since many students like to attend college close to home, Fresno State is also a popular choice among graduates.

“I don’t know what my major is going to be yet,” John Wiens, ’02, said, “or else I’d choose a college accordingly. Why should I pay 15 grand a year to go to a UC when I could get the same done for two grand a year at Fresno State. Plus, family is good and I get free food at home.”

Whatever college students choose to attend, financial and career planning are an absolute essential to enjoying success at the college level.