Music Review: Elevation Worship’s ‘LION’ album will not disappoint


With three Grammys, 52 GMA Dove Awards, and ranked No. 1 on Billboard’s ‘Hot Christian Songs’ chart in 2021, Elevation Worship releases another hit album ‘LION’ March 4. 

This contemporary album co-written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Brandon Lake and Pat Barrett is sure to have

[/media-credit] Elevation Worship live records their new, highly anticipated album ‘LION’.

listeners hitting the ‘repeat’ button.

This album includes lead songs “Might Get Loud” and “Same God” as well as singles “What I See” and “This is the Kingdom”. You can also find “Bye Bye Babylon”, “Dancing”, “Water Is Wild”, “Welcome Resurrection”, “Forever YHWH”, “No One”, “You Really Are”, “Why”, “The One You Love”, a second version of “This is the Kingdom” and, of course, “LION”

Following hit albums ‘Graves into Gardens’ and ‘Old Church Basement’, ‘LION’ brings a new perspective to Elevation’s collection, as their 14th album to date. 

“It’s not been written or recorded like any other album we’ve had,” Brown said in an interview with Jessie Clarks. “We didn’t start writing with a particular album or end goal in mind. We just began to create and capture songs throughout the year and eventually found ourselves with this collection of songs that we loved.”

The vibe of each song shifts in genre and beat. At one moment you may be listening to a piano-driven, meaningful ballad, and the next, be taken over by a jazzy beat or feel the bass vibrate through your chest.

One of the lead songs, ‘LION’ as well as ‘No One’, easily excites a crowd and gives off a rock feel, while, on the other hand, ‘Bye Bye Babylon’ and ‘Dancing’ will bring you into a moment of intimacy with God and touch your heart. 

A lyric in ‘Bye Bye Babylon’ repeats ‘Abba’, meaning ‘God as our Father’. This paints a picture in my mind of God watching Jesus on the cross, delivering us from all of our sins. 

[/media-credit] Elevation Worship releases ‘LION’ March 4.

As it says in Matthew 18:12-13, “If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them wanders away, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others on the hills and go out to search for the one that is lost? And if he finds it, I tell you the truth, he will rejoice over it more than over the ninety-nine that didn’t wander away!” (NLT), Brown ties the idea of this verse and ‘Bye Bye Babylon’ into an Instagram caption on elevationworship and a clip of a father, ‘Abba’, wandering in a field, searching for something, or someone.  

As a fourth-year worship leader at The Chase and a vocalist on Fresno Christian’s worship team, I felt the shift in lyrics and anointing over this album by Elevation. 

I’ve loved worship music since childhood, but Elevation, as well as Maverick City Music, have stood out to me especially. When this album dropped on March 4, it exceeded my expectations and broke out of the ‘norm’ for this particular group. Each song has a different feel and topic to relate to on new spiritual levels. 

Something I would change in this album is the varying dynamic throughout the album. For the most part, ‘LION’  takes you on a journey from wanting to dance and praise, to falling on your knees, overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, but a couple of songs seem out of place, almost. Songs like ‘Water is Wild’ and ‘What I See’ swings the vibe of the album to a youth group feel.

On one end, maybe that is the point, to work through many moments and emotions with each song, but on the other hand, it can throw you a curve in emotion. You may be deep in worship, then an upbeat song hits in the middle of the album and you need to shift your mood to be hype. 

I think this album activates your imagination and paints the picture of God’s beauty and creation through intricate lyrics. If you enjoy ‘LION’, I highly recommend surfing through Maverick City Music’s album, ‘Move Your Heart’ from 2021. 

After the release of this Elevation album, the group, along with Pastor Furtick, plans to tour the U.S., starting in Chicago on April 26 and ending in Boston, May 5. To buy tickets, visit 

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