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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Teachers play dual role

Most teenagers strive for separation from their parents, in any form. Whether it is for desired independence or rebellion, several students would not want their parents as teachers on the same campus.

“I would not like to have my parents teach at school,” Josh Craig, ’09, said. “They would always be checking up on me, but a positive is that they could help me with school work.”

Junior Melissa Foth along with six other students has a parent on campus. Melissa spends all day with her mother, Beatriz, an average of six days a week.

She has attended this campus since she was 11 years old; Beatriz teaches Spanish two and three in the high school and also teaches 3-6 graders.

“When I came into high school it was weird to see my mom everyday other than at home,” Melissa said. “I also had Spanish three with her, freshmen year, so then I saw her even more. Sometimes I want more time to myself due to seeing my mom everyday at home and school.”

Born in Uruguay, Beatriz moved to the United States in 1989 to attend college with her friend and eventual husband, Alfred. Beatriz eaerlier had met Alfred in Montevideo, Uruguay. After Melissa’s birth, the Foths moved back to Uruguay were they spent 11 years building a family.

“When I first moved to the United States. I felt as though I was in outer space,” Melissa said. “My parents had to teach me how to adapt to the hectic lifestyle of America. My parents had to help me learn English and help me with homework.”

Even after leaving Uruguay, the Foth family respects their traditions, which consist of family recipes and Sunday night family dinners.

“Family is very important to me,” Beatriz said. “The Latino culture places family as its number one priority. Family and relatives stay fairly close. I care for Melissa a lot, she is my only daughter and I love her with all my heart. Everything that happens to her effects me and vice-versa.”

Outside of school hours, Melissa enjoys the time spent with family and friends. She plays volleyball in her free time; she and Beatrice often play non-competitively.

“Me and my mom like to go shopping together,” Melissa said. “I do not feel that we are that close because I like to do different things and be with others.”

Beatriz believes that Melissa seems to show a quieter side on campus.

“At school Melissa is more introverted,” Beatriz said, “while at home she is very outspoken. It may be a little tough for her to have a mom as a teacher.”

Melissa is one of six students with a parent as a teacher on campus. Sophomore Mitchell Callisch’s father, Scott Callisch, is the boys’ physical education (PE) teacher.

“My dad brings a positive and comical atmosphere at school and at home,” Mitchell said. “Most think it is not good to have a parent as a teacher but my school experience has doubled, I know everyone better because he teaches here and it has been more pleasurable.”

Other students who have their parents as teachers are sophomore Mary Sargent (Molly Sargent, English, yearbook), freshman Riley Endicott (Jon Endicott, associate principal) and sophomore Brittany Stobbe (Greg Stobbe, English, publications).

Danielle Ricchiuti, staff writer, also contributed to this article.

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