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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Hardships construct friendships

All around campus there usually is a pair of students, conversing together who would never be expected to be friends. Maybe its because ones a senior and the other a freshman or perhaps ones plays sports all year around while the others an artist.

Two freshmen, Tyler Combs and Tyler Revis, seem to prove that even with different activities they can hold a friendship.

“Revis and I are friends but don?t really do the same things” Combs said. “He is more into sports and athletics like football and basketball, while I’m more interested in stuff like arts such as choir.”

Regardless of their activities, personalities and trust creates a bond.

“I think what makes Tyler such a good friend is because he has an all around good personality.” Revis said. “He has all the characteristics to be a good friend. He is fun and trustworthy; I have math with him this year and I think it has helped us become a lot better friends. We would laugh and just have lots of fun together.”

Difference in age causes onlookers to question friendships.

“I am pretty good friends with Michael Bowen who is a junior,” Amanda Edwards, ’10, said. “He is really fun to be around and can make almost anyone laugh, but we are both still really different from each other. I love ballet and am really energetic while mike just likes to relax and chill.”

Though Bowen is not active he admires Edward’s love for ballet. Her commitment has inspired him to rethink his non-athletic style.

“I think its really cool that she does ballet,” Bowen said. “I do not do any after school activities. All I do is hang out with my girlfriend, pick up my brother and then go home. I used to be really active when I was in elementary school but as I got older I just stopped.”

Despite diversity, time together seems to make friendship stronger.

“One time I will never forget is when me, Amanda and a couple other friends went to the movies together,” Bowen said. “It was really embarrassing because when Amanda and I went to go buy snacks, I ended up tripping and falling halfway down the stairs. She helped me up but was laughing so hard at me and then when we walked out she was laughing so hard that she almost ran over a little kid; it was so funny.”

According to the article, True Friendship – Trust and Time, the way to develop a true friendship is to gain a relationship between each other, gain trust and accountability. Then always encourage one another during a time of hardship.

“I think it is good to have a variety of friends that are loyal.” Edwards said. “I have gained a good relationship with Mike and even though I have known him for only a year, he is still someone I can trust and confide in.”

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