Color guard earns gold at opening competition

The team practices up to minutes before the performance. Lindsey Clarno

Fresno Christian’s  2023 winter guard season comes with stress and excitement as the team plunges head-first into competition season. This year’s team consists of seven girls: four middle schoolers and three high schoolers.

The color guard team has been aiming for gold since the start of the new year, taking advantage of 7 AM practices every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday as well as first period. 

Color guard coach Vanessa Hinojosa has been competing in the color guard circuit for seven years, this year being her second with FCS.

The team competes in the high school division, despite four team members being in middle school. The Feather

The environment is very competitive, but it makes you want to achieve your best with your team,” Hinojosa said. “I like to tell my students that winning isn’t everything, as long as they did their best on that floor, that’s all that matters to me!”

Their first performance was Saturday, Jan. 28 in the Lemoore High School gym at 5:16 PM. The team earned first place in the High School Regional Bronze Division.

Isabella Garza, ‘26, has competed in color guard for 4 years years, half of those with the FC eagles.

“Before I wasn’t really doing any extracurricular activities and now doing color guard has given me the opportunity to be more involved,” Garza said. “It has been a really great experience!”

The teams next performance will be Feb. 25 at Sierra Pacific High School in Hanford. The times for the winter guard show are still to be determined. 

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Slideshow images from Jan. 28 competition courtesy of advisor Lindsey Clarno.