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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Former teacher recalled

“Stop talking or I’ll cut out your tongue and nail it to the ceiling!” A voice booms out at the offending student who now cowers behind his desk.

Such episodes were common in Greg Page’s history and Bible classes but the rooms are now rearranged and the classes reassigned to other teachers.

When Page left at the end of the 2003/2004 term, students and faculty were shocked and dismayed. After 17 years of service, he just left. Where he has gone? What is he up to?

“I’m currently a principal at Charter G. Woodson Academy,” Page said. “The Academy provides classes for grades 3-8. Our school focus is mainly on students with special needs, also known as the ?Kids at Risk’ program. It’s based here in the Fresno area.”

“Mr. Page was a big influence on me,” Dori Richardson, ’06, said. “He had talked for a long time about leaving, but we never thought he’s actually leave. He always brought up interesting aspects of the Bible and taught me new things. I’m sad he’s gone this year.”

Principal Gary Schultz also had many good things to say about Page.

“The one thing that stood out about Greg Page was his willingness to serve,” Schultz
said. “He would readily do every job given to him whether he enjoyed it or not.”

Page’s classes were a staple for all students to take and what took place in those classes has not been forgotten.

“Well, at least my age is higher than your IQ,” Page says in retort to yet another ?old’ comment thrown in his direction. A plethora of memories can be found in Page’s class; not all of them were fun to experience, but memorable nonetheless.

“I remember all the girls who would ask for 20 unspokens everyday,” said Richardson. “Sometimes, people would ask for him to pray for some really strange things. But he always prayed for them.”

Other favorite memories of Page’s students were his quotable sayings, now referred to ?Mr. Pageisms.’

“I remember him always saying, ?Hunky Dorty,’ a lot,” Ron Blalack, ’06, said. “He was a really funny guy, when he wasn’t mad at me, of course.”

Page’s manner of discipline is still talked about on campus; it seems too many faced his wrath. Only really stupid people challenged Page more than once.

“Discipline enforcement was something he did and took it seriously,” Allen
Tong, former campus math teacher, said. “He did not have a double-standard when it came to enforcing the school rules, which is good.”

Tong currently teaches at Buena Vista High in Madera County after teaching at FC for 20 years.

Many teachers avoid teaching Bible classes due to the attitudes of the students.

“Bible is hard to teach because of the apathy of the students,” Page said. “A lot of kids think they already know everything. Most kids, however, couldn’t give a care what the Bible is about.”

Many faculty members had good relationships with Page and still keep in touch with him despite his absence.

“I consider Mr. Page to be a friend and wonderful servant to Fresno Christian,” Tong said. “I appreciated working with him. Whenever there was a need to fill, he filled it. I respect him for that.”

Some students, however, loved Page’s class and were always surprised at what transpired there every day.

“Mr. Page would always have ?hot topic’ days where we could ask him anything we wanted,” Blalack said. “We found out he lost horribly on Wheel of Fortune and I loved it when he would try to answer some of the girl’s complicated love problems.”

Working with Mr. Page always promise a change from the norm and funny stories abound.

“At lunch we would eat upstairs in a workroom. There was Page, Mr. Brown (a Spanish teacher), and I,” Tong said. “Page was tired at the time and took a nap on the couch. The bell rang and Brown and I left, leaving Page asleep on the couch. I don’t think appreciated our efforts.”

Besides being a teacher, Page also coached many sports teams, including basketball and baseball.

“The highlight of my Fresno Christian coaching career was when my jr. varsity basketball team beat Immanuel three times,” Page said. “Immanuel is a hard school to beat!”

Page also has many fond memories of his stay on campus.

“My favorite part of teaching was the interaction with all the students and faculty,” Page said. “Obviously, if you work at Fresno Christian, you are there for the kids and not the pay check.”

Despite his absence, Page is still remembered on campus. Many students remember their experiences in his class and the stories never stop resurfacing.

“I really had a pleasure working with him,” Tong said. “I still value his friendship. Fresno Christian is blessed to have Mr. Page on staff for as long as they did.”

Page agrees that his years on campus were memorable.

“When the school I was working at closed down suddenly, I was out of a job,” Page said. “I needed a place to work. I prayed and the position at Fresno Christian opened up three days later. I have to say, my years at Fresno Christian were some of the best.”

For more information on teachers, contact the high school office at 299-1695, ext. 5, or contact Page at [email protected].

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