Schlotzsky's corners sandwich market

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The arduous task of creating a small business from scratch did not affect the resolve of Don and Delores Schlotzsky. Despite having to use their own house in Austin, Texas as their restaurant and only serving one sandwich, the Original, the Schlotzskys made their dream come true.

In 1981, 10 years after the business got underway, the Schlotzskys sold their company to John Wooley. Wooley, who decided to keep the business name, has served as chairman of the board and president of the company since 1981 and as chief executive officer since 1995.

In order to keep their many college student employees, Schlotzsky’s has made flexibility an important part of their hiring process.

“I’ve been working here since the restaurant opened in 1995,” Kevin Ruiz, manager of Schlotzsky’s Deli on Cedar and Herndon, said. “It’s a good job to have in late high school or college because of the hours. We get good business from Clovis West and Fresno Christian and we have a decent number of high school employees.”

The aforementioned Schlotzsky’s is the only one in Fresno and one of six in California. However, Schlotzsky’s has over 700 restaurants in the U.S., mostly on the East Coast and also has corporations in 10 foreign countries, according to
Along with offering 16 sandwiches, 10 different varieties of pizza and seven salads, Schlotzsky’s also caters for special occasions.

“Schlotzsky’s has never catered for us because it is too expensive,” Christopher Schultz, student leader adviser, said. “I only go there because Mr. (Scott) Falk always pays for me.”
Well-known for their ?serious sandwiches and funny name,’ Schlotzsky’s has many dedicated supporters on campus.

“I like the original sandwich,” Jon Steele, ’03, said, “it’s definitely the best. I go to Schlotzsky’s just to eat that.”

Schlotzsky’s, with a drive-through and small tables, has a striking resemblance to Subway, with a fancier interior.

“Schlotzsky’s does look like Subway,” Chris Burford, ’04, said, “with the sandwiches and the way the restaurant is set up, but the difference is Subway has no drive through and better sandwiches.”

My partner, Randy Hill, ordered a ham and turkey club while I had the cheese original. The service was good, with the food arriving within five minutes, the food was decent and the management was very willing to answer all our questions. Overall, I would give Schlotzsky’s a B+.