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Volleyball sport shorts, 2007

Volleyball SPORTS SHORTS, 2007–
(Latest volleyball shorts will be at the top of the section. Scroll down to check out past results. Tournament games do not count toward win/loss record. Visit the Sports Section for volleyball features)

For the 2007 volleyball NWSL schedule or standings and stats, click on MaxPreps NWSL volleyball. Volleyball’s overall record is 13-5 and 7-1 in the Northwest Sequoia League as of Nov. 6.

A lack of aggression and spirit resulted in the Eagles’ loss to the Broncos, 3-0 (16-25, 16-25, 10-25).

Claire Kister, senior captain, led the team’s offense and defense with 8 kills and 14 digs followed by Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, with 7 kills.

“We were tentative in serve-receive and our overall play,” Kister said. “It’s tough being the underdog, but if we could’ve looked past that I know we could’ve hung with Coast. It’s hard to have to end it all like this.”

Nachtigall expresses her emotions after completing 10 years of volleyball.

“I have a lot of mixed feelings,” Nachtigall said. Although we lost in playoffs, I am proud of our league championship. The girls fought for their title this season and I am going to miss this.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, reflects on the positive aspects of the season in spite of the loss.

“We just didn’t have the fight in us tonight,” Jones said. “But that doesn’t change how much this team has accomplished this year. They have improved tremendously as a team and more importantly the growth in their love for each other and for the Lord.”

After losing to Liberty earlier in the season, the Eagles received their desired revenge, 3-1 (23-25, 25-15, 25-19, 25-16).

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 12 kills. Claire Kister, senior captain, contributed to the success with 8 kills followed by sophomore Quinn Livingston with 7 kills.

“It feels amazing to win league for the third straight year,” Nachtigall said. “We need to keep playing how we’ve been playing to win games in playoffs. The girls need to take every point seriously.”

Kister led the team’s defense with 16 digs. Nachtigall dug 8 balls followed by senior Danielle Wilborn with 6 digs.

Despite an injured thumb, Kally Batesole, ’09, set 14 assists followed by Livingston with 13 assists. Batesole and Wilborn both served 5 aces each.

Shailey Jones, head coach, takes pride in the team’s performance.

“Tonight the girls came here with an agenda and they carried it out,” Jones said. “We wanted this one badly and I am very proud of the way they played. They truly represented FC volleyball tonight. Danielle and Ally both stepped up and played an excellent game.”

Larry Orender, former head coach, observed the game from the stands and found satisfaction in the team’s victory.

“I’m always excited to watch FC volleyball,” Orender said. “To see them beat the dreaded foe Liberty is just icing on the cake.”

The Eagles’ mental and physical preparation in practice showed on the court and enabled them to outplay Caruthers, 3-1 (25-17, 25-22, 24-26, 25-15). The win guarantees the Eagles will win the North West Sierra League title.

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 22 kills followed by Claire Kister, senior captain, with 16 kills.

Quinn Livingston, ’10, set 24 assists followed by Kally Batesole, ’09, with 17 assists as ball movement kept the Blue Raiders guessing. Livingston and Batesole both passed 8 digs each.

“I felt like we came out strong in this game,” Nachtigall said. “We knew what was at stake. Although we had a few let downs in serve-receive, we played well and came out one top. Thursday night we need to come out just as strong and fight to end our league season with a bang.”

Kister led the team’s defense with 25 digs followed by senior Brittany Lauber with 15 digs.

“I think the team played well overall,” Lauber said. “Caruthers was a tough defensive team so they made us work for every point. It was good for our team because we were forced to play disciplined and consistent.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, appears satisfied with her team’s performance in their game against the Blue Raiders.

“We were successful tonight because everyone contributed,” Jones said. “Every person did their part and the pieces of the puzzle came together. Claire and Melanie stepped up big tonight and played like seniors.”

The Eagles next play Liberty in their final league game on Nov. 1 at 5:30 P.M.

Despite a lack on energy in the second match, the Eagles gained another win in their non-league game against Tranquility, 3-0 (25-5, 25-18, 25-11).

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 15 kills followed by Claire Kister, senior captain, with 14 kills.

Freshman Ashlyn White’s performance in the third game proved her athletic ability after spiking 5 kills.

“I feel the power,” White said. “I want to master the slide. It’s similar to the moves I make in basketball.”

Kister led the team’s defense with 18 digs. Kally Batesole, ’09, served 6 aces and Quinn Livingston, ’10, set 21 assists.

Nachtigall expresses her opinion on the team’s effort against the Tigers.

“We came out strong and played “FC Ball” from the start,” Nachtigall said. “I was disappointed in how we let down in the second match though. This was an opportunity to practice tougher plays because it was a non-league game. We needed this time to prepare for Caruthers.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, believes the team played with the needed energy and execution.

“The girls came out on fire tonight,” Jones said. “They were serving tough and hitting hard. Claire and Mel did an awesome job finding the open court on the other side. Ashlyn came out strong in game three and sparked the offense.”

The Eagles fought to win in their last league home game against Fowler, 3-1 (25-17, 25-21, 4-25, 25-18).

Claire Kister, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 14 kills followed by senior captain, Melanie Nachtigall with 12 kills.

Setters Quinn Livingston, ’10, and Kally Batesole, ’09, both contributed to the offensive success with 14 assists each.

“Coming into the game tonight I knew it was going to be special,” Nachtigall said. “It was our last league home game and we had to give it our all. If we are going to be league champs we have to play consistently. I hope to have a home game in playoffs so we can show our fans how to play FC ball.”

Batesole led the team’s defense with 18 digs followed by Kister with 12 digs. Allison Neufeld, ’09, had 4 blocks, assisting in the win in the second game.

“I felt empowered by my blocks,” Neufeld said. “I pressed over the net and kept my head in line. If our team keeps communicating and playing with energy, we will be league champions.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, believes the seniors? enthusiasm demonstrated the girls’ ability.

“This was a special night for our seniors,” Jones said. “Their true character was displayed in how well they played and I am proud of their leadership skills. Defense was very strong through most of games one, two, and four. The blocks we got at the net from Ally were energizing. Claire did a great job at in stepping it up and pulling through with some clutch kills.”

The Eagles next play Tranquility on Oct. 25 at 5:30 P.M.

In spite of a lack of momentum in the first game, the Eagles battled to beat Riverdale, 3-1 (21-25, 25-16, 25-10, 25-18).

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 14 kills followed by senior captain, Claire Kister, with 11 kills.

“We started off with low energy,” Kally Batesole, ’09, said. “We picked up our intensity after our loss. The team began to execute and it brought forth the win.”

Kister led the team’s defense with 14 digs. Quinn Livingston, ’10, set 20 assists and spiked 5 kills.

“I was embarrassed at how we played at first,” Kister said. “I think the loss was a rude awakening for the girls. It motivated the team to play harder and smarter in the following games.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, believes the team’s performance in the later games demonstrated their ability.

“After game one we were able to find our groove again,” Jones said. “We decided to play FC ball. The girls gained their confidence back and played the way they knew how.”

Liberty’s consistency enabled their team to beat the Eagles, 3-0 (25-22, 25-16, 25-21) despite playing in FC’s gym.

Claire Kister, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 8 kills followed by fellow senior captain, Melanie Nachtigall, with 6 kills.

“We played tough,” Nachtigall said, “but Liberty fought for every ball and they outplayed us. I believe the team is now more determined to come back stronger than ever.”

Kister also led the team’s defense with 15 digs. Sophomore Quinn Livingston’s 6 blocks at the net assisted the Eagles despite their loss.

Shailey Jones, head coach, believes the team’s reaction to the game will determine their future.

“Tonight we let the other team dictate the pace of the game,” Jones said. “We weren’t able to respond to the constant pressure Liberty placed on us. This one hurts, but we have got to learn from this experience and use it to make our team better.”

Avenal’s defensive weakness enabled the Eagles to win, 3-0 (25-11, 25-9, 25-18).

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, and Allison Neufeld, ’09, led the team’s offense with 8 kills each. Kally Batesole, ’09, set 18 assists despite a finger injury.

“It felt great because I gave it my all this game,” Neufeld said. “I got some awesome sets. I just need to focus on what I need to do to be my best.”

Claire Kister, senior captain, served 8 aces and led the team’s defense with 21 digs followed by Batesole with 11 digs.

Nachtigall believes if the team continues to improve in their performance they will be better prepared for playoffs.

“This game was another good win,” Nachtigall said. “I feel all the girls contributed in both offense and defense. We need to keep raising the bar each game to get ready for the playoffs. The upcoming games will test our ability.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, appeared content with the team’s overall play.

“Today was a fun game to watch,” Jones said. “The girls played hard the entire game. We played “FC Ball” through the entire game and our hitters swung tough.”

While the Eagles added another win to their undefeated record, many players were unsatisfied with their performance in spite of the score, 3-0 (25-19, 25-15, 25-12).

“I was glad we pulled out the win,” Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, said. “I was just disappointed because we didn’t play together as a team. Tomorrow we are going to come out and work hard.”

Nachtigall led the team’s offense with 11 kills and 8 aces. Sophomore Quinn Livingston, spiked 9 kills followed by Claire Kister, senior captain, with 5 kills.

Although first year varsity player, Ashlyn White, ’11, played in only one of the three games, her offense at the net contributed to the team’s success.

“I reached my goal tonight,” White said. “It felt great, but I need to keep raising the bar. I never thought I’d make varsity and it’s a privilege to get playing time.”

Kister led the team’s offense with 23 digs followed by Nachtigall with 11 digs.

Shailey Jones, head coach, admits the team’s effort needs to improve before their upcoming game on Oct. 11.

“I think the game was an outer body experience,” Jones said. “I’m glad we got the win, but we need to put this one behind us and prepare for Avenal.”

After losing to Caruthers in the preseason, the Eagles fought to win, 3-0 (25-23, 25-22, 25-18).

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the offense with 12 kills followed by Claire Kister, senior captain, with 9 kills.

“We came out with fire because we lost to them in the Caruthers Tournament,” Nachtigall said. “Our goal was to win fast and we did. The girls all played well as a team.”

Kister led the team’s defense with 18 digs. Quinn Livingston, ’10, contributed to the team’s success with 20 assists and 13 digs.

“It feels great,” Livingston said. “We fought like animals tonight. The girls just have to keep playing a higher level of volleyball.”

Larry Orender, former head coach, came back to watch his past players battle against the Blue Raiders.

“I am so proud,” Orender said. “Not only because they were dominating, but because they were also coming together as a team.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, believes the team’s defense and swings brought the win.

“We need to fight through some ball handling errors,” Jones said. “Other than that, our aggressive defense and hitting kept us going tonight.”

While the Eagles made errors in the start of the first game, they played with intensity throughout the second and third games to beat Riverdale, 3-0 (25-18, 25-10, 25-15).

Melanie Nachtigall and Claire Kister, senior captains, and Quinn Livingston, ’10, all led the team’s offense with 8 kills each. Abby Schoettler, ’09, also contributed to the offense’s success with 4 kills.

“It felt good to come out and dominate our first league game,” Nachtigall said. “It was a full team effort tonight. We need to do that the rest of the season if we want to stay undefeated.”

Kister led the team’s defense with 12 digs. Nachtigall served 3 aces and Livingston set 12 assists.

Shailey Jones, head coach, appears to take pride in her team’s performance.

“Tonight the girls played very well as a team,” Jones said. “They communicated well and it allowed everyone to contribute to the win. I am proud of how ell the girls played as a team.”

The Eagles next host Caruthers at 5:30 P.M. on Oct. 4.

The Eagles entered the San Luis Obispo gym expecting to win, but a lack of aggression and focus gave Mission the win, 3-0 (18-25, 12-25, 20-25), on Sept. 29.

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 7 kills followed by Claire Kister, senior captain, with 6 kills.

Kister, Kally Batesole, ’09, Quinn Livingston, ’10, led FC’s defense, digging 11 balls each.

Nachtigall finds the loss discouraging because of her prior expectations.

“We came in here to win,” Nachtigall said. “Unfortunately, the girls didn’t put in the needed effort to pull out the win.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, also believes the team is capable of a higher level of play.

“We played competitively most of the weekend, but we need to learn to play all out for every ball,” Jones said. “Brittany Lauber said it well when she reminded the girls they need to learn to play every point the same no matter what the score is.”

BRONCOS BEAT FC, 3-0, Sept. 28
While the Eagles put forth a fight, let-downs in serve-receive and missed serves contributed to the 3-0 loss against Coast Union in Cambria (21-25, 23-25, 18-25), on Sept. 28.

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 9 kills followed by Claire Kister, senior captain, with 6 kills.

Nachtigall maintained a steady defense with 12 digs followed by Brittany Lauber, ’08, with 10 digs.

The end result lies as a disappointment for Nachtigall who believes in the team’s ability.

“It was a close game,” Nachtigall said. “The team needs to learn to play hard all the way until the end. We gave up when we should have kept battling.”

Consistency in both offense and defense won the game for Eagles, 3-0 (25-13, 25-16, 25-22), on Sept. 27.

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, spiked 12 kills followed by Claire Kister, senior captain, with 7 kills and 3 aces.

Nachtigall believes the team’s pace contributed to their victory over the Aztecs.

“We played with speed,” Nachtigall said. “It helps us maintain our intensity. I think we accomplished our goal of playing tough throughout all three games.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, felt satisfied with the team’s performance and hopes the energy carries into the upcoming games.

“Tonight the girls played much more consistent which is very important,” Jones said. “In game two I challenged the team to hit bombs away and they all responded. I believe hitting basketballs in practice must have helped a little.”

The team next plays at Coast Union in Cambria at 5 P.M. on Sept. 28. Following their game against the Broncos, the Eagles then play at Mission College Prep in San Luis Obispo at 1 P.M. on Sept. 29.

Although the energy died in the second game, FC defeats Dos Palos, 3-0 (25-16, 26-24, 25-19).

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 17 kills followed by Quinn Livingston, ’10, with 9 kills. Junior Kally Batesole contributed to the offense’s success by setting 23 assists.

“It feels amazing when you hit a powerful spike,” Livingston said. “When we come together we gain more intensity. No one can touch us when we are pumped.”

Claire Kister, senior captain, led the team’s defense with 20 digs.

Nachtigall comments on the team’s overall performance.

“I think we came out strong and played fast,” Nachtigall said. “We lost focus in the second game and we can’t afford that sort of play anymore. We have three more games this week. We need to rise to the challenge and play our best all the time.”

Shailey Jones, head coach, believes the team needs to play more consistent in order to reach higher goals.

“When we played fast and intense we did well,” Jones said. “The girls are learning to play our game. Our experiences have taught us the importance of battling through the whole match.”

While the Eagles lacked the intensity needed to win in three, the girls refocused and beat Firebaugh, 3-1 (25-12, 25-20, 14-25, 25-18) on Sept. 20.

Quinn Livingston, ’10, led the offense with 14 kills and 15 assists. Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, spiked 9 kills in the battle against Firebaugh.

Claire Kister, senior captain, played consistent defense digging 28 balls.

“Defense was great tonight,” Shailey Jones, head coach, said. “The intensity with the exception of the third game was great. Claire led the way tonight on defense and Quinn lit it up on offense.”

Nachtigall reflects on the loss in the third game and believes the outcome taught the team a valuable lesson.

“I was disappointed how the girls played in the third game,” Nachtigall said. “We sunk down to their level and we should’ve played better. I think the girls now understand the importance of playing to the best of their ability instead of settling for less.”

Despite the third loss, Jones remains confident for the upcoming week after observing the team’s improvement.

“I am looking forward to some competitive games next week,” Jones said. “If the girls play with the fire and intensity they did in games one, two, and four we will do very well. We have been working harder on playing faster and we took a step towards that tonight.”

The girls put up a fight, but failed to pull the win over the Badgers; Yosemite beat the Eagles, 3-1, spoiling FC’s home opener (25-20, 25-16, 20-25, 25-13).

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, battled at the net spiking 9 kills, with fellow senior captain, Claire Kister, hitting 7 kills.

“We fought hard considering the level of competition,” Nachtigall said. “I think we rose to the challenge. We gave it all we had and I am proud of the team.”

Coach Shailey Jones believes slumps in serve-receive contributed to the loss against Yosemite.

“The girls battled back and competed really well against the Badgers,” Jones said. “It’s unfortunate that we got down early in a couple of the games otherwise we were right in there competing with them. Defense took a great stride in the right direction tonight.”

Despite an unsteady defense and occasional lack of intensity, the Eagles defeated the Titans, 3-2 (25-16, 18-25, 25-18, 20-25, 17-15).

Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team’s offense with 13 kills followed by Claire Kister, senior captain, and Quinn Livinston, ’10, both with 11 kills. Kally Batesole, ’09, set 25 assists.

“We had to put up a fight against the Titans,” Nachtigall said. “I tried to play a smart game by looking for open spots on the court. Our team needs to find flaws in the other team’s defense to win games.”

Kister led the team’s defense with 26 digs and Nachtigall contributed to the success with 21 digs.

“Tonight we played like we were riding a rollercoaster,” coach Shailey Jones said. “At times we were great and dominated and other times the girls failed to execute. Luckily, we came out on top of this one.”

At the end of the Caruthers Tournament, a third place trophy now fills a previously empty spot in the trophy case in the Eagles’ home gym foyer. FC went 5-1 in the tournament, losing only to Caruthers who beat Kingsburg in the finals (2-0).

The first match of the day the Eagles brought the heat and defeated the Selma Bears (25-11, 25-14). Melanie Nachtigall aided the win with nine kills.

In the semi-finals against Caruthers the Eagles kept up the intensity, but lost two close matches to the Blue Raiders (23-25, 24-25). Claire Kister dug 20 balls, Quinn Livingston spiked 6 kills, made 12 digs, and 11 assists, and Melanie Nachtigall hit 10 kills and dug 20 balls.

Playing for third place, the Eagles beat Le Grand in a three-game match (22-25, 25-23, 15-14). Kally Batesole served 5 aces, dug 12 hits, and made 14 assists. Quinn Livingston spiked 7 kills, dug 11 balls, and made 11 assists, and Melanie Nachtigall hit 13 kills and passed 20 digs.

Coach Shailey Jones comments on the girls’ perseverance.

“We took a tough loss to Caruthers in the semi-finals,” Jones said. ” We played hard but weren’t able to come through in the clutch. ”

However, the team did not lose hope.

“In the third place game against Le Grand the girls fought back from being down 6-14 in game 2 to win, and then pulled out the nail biter in the third game,” Jones said. “I am proud of the way they fought and rose to the top against Le Grand.”

In the first day of the Caruthers Tournament, the Eagles went 3-0.

The Eagles maintained their focus which led to the win over Corcoran (25-12, 25-16). Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, spiked 11 kills and Kally Batesole served 8 aces.

Nachtigall believes Batesole’s serving tactics brought the team’s success.

“In the beginning we started out slow,” Nachtigall said. “Towards the middle we started to pick up the intensity. Kally’s aces brought back the momentum needed to take the win.”

Nachtigall’s battle at the net allowed her to end the game with 12 kills.

The Eagle’s energy carried into their second game against Washington Union which led the team to another victory (25-17, 25-22).

“Looking to the second day of the Caruthers tournament, I have high expectations for the team,” coach Shailey Jones said. “In my opinion we are one of the tops teams in the tournament and I expect to be place well. In order to do that we are going to have play very aggressive defense and continue to grow together as a team.”

Jones was optimistic about the girls’ performance and likes their chances later in the tournament.

“On Wednesday, we played well against all three teams that we played, but we need to pick up our intensity and communication in order to continue to succeed in bracket play.” In our second game against Fowler I was pleased at the way the girls responded under pressure to pull out the win, which was something we struggled with in the Clovis tournament. We struggle with finishing games.”

In spite of the Redcats’ defense, the Eagles won their final game against Fowler (25-19, 25-24). Batesole remained alert throughout the game digging 14 balls.

The times, competition and location for the remainder of the Caruthers Tournament are yet to be determined for Sept. 8.

The volleyball girls took their first tournament win against Sunnyside (25-21, 16-25, 15-6). Claire Kister, senior captain, led the team with 9 kills.

The Eagles played a close game against Redwood, but failed to take the win losing (22-25, 20-25). Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team with 8 kills and senior Brittany Lauber dug 10 balls.

Cesar Chavez beat the Eagles in their last game of the tournament (24-26, 28-26, 12-15).

In spite of loss, Jones applauds the team’s defense. Nachtigall led the team with 12 kills and 21 digs. Abby Schoettler, ’09, dug 19 balls with Kally Batesole, ’09, following with 14 digs and 10 assists.

The Eagles went 1-7 in the Clovis Invitational and coach Shailey Jones was upbeat afterwards.

“Overall I am very pleased with the way the team responded to the competition at the Clovis tournament,” Coach Jones said. “Our girls played some very good volleyball against some tough teams and held their own. We obviously have some things we need to work on, which were exposed at the tournament.

“We played very aggressively but we need to work on being more consistent on serve receive and defense and also bringing a more consistent stronger offensive attack at the net. Throughout the course of the tournament we grew tremendously as a team and by our final game we were playing much better defense and working and communicating as a team much better. I have high hopes for the 2007 varsity volleyball team.”


The lady Eagles lost to Central Valley Christian (CVC) (18-25, 16-25). In spite of the loss, Shailey Jones, head volleyball coach, took pride in her team’s performance.

“I was really impressed with their intensity level considering it was their first game,” Jones said. “They competed for every point. The girls played to the best of their ability.”

Following CVC, the volleyball girls played and lost to Bullard High School (20-25, 20-25). Although Melanie Nachtigall, senior captain, led the team with 6 kills, 12 digs and 4 blocks, the girls failed to take the win.

The lady Eagles lost their third game to Frontier (25-19, 16-25, 11-15).

While the girls took another loss, Jones believes the game taught the team the importance of momentum on the court.

“Frontier was a good battle,” Jones said. “The energy and excitement from the whole team kept us in the game and helped us pull out our first win. In game two, the girls lost focus and it carried over into game three.”

Nachtigall led the team with 10 digs, followed by fellow senior Brittany Lauber with 8. Claire Kister, senior captain, served 3 aces against Frontier.

The volleyball girls lost their final game to Turlock (22-25, 19-25). Kally Batesole, junior, brought the team back in the second game by serving 3 aces.

Although the girls lost all four tournament games, Jones remains optimistic.

“After today the team showed me the level of volleyball they are capable of,” Jones said. “Now knowing the competition I expect the girls to come in ready to play as a team and win some games.”


The volleyball team will next travel and play in the Clovis Invitational on Aug. 31-Sept. 1. The lady Eagles first play Central Valley Christian (CVC) at Clovis East High. The game will start at 3:30 P.M.on Aug. 31. FC will then play Bullard High, location and time to be announced.

The placement determines game schedules, location and opponents for Sept. 1.

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