Migration Movie holds deeper meaning

Children’s movie carries a message for all ages
A fun article I did on a movie I had just seen, now one of the most viewed stories on the site!
A fun article I did on a movie I had just seen, now one of the most viewed stories on the site!
Meilani Gilmore Young

As a high school senior, I never anticipated that an animated children’s film about ducks would
resonate with me so well as a young adult. The fun animated film “Migration” follows the story of a Mallard duck family on a simple vacation that turns into a grand adventure. This heartwarming, family movie hit theaters in the
United States on December 22.  

(Spoilers ahead!)

The narrative revolves around a small family of four Mallard ducks, residing in a cozy stump by their New England pond. The father, Mack (voiced by Kumail Nanjiani), the mother, Pam (voiced by Elizabeth Banks), and their two children, Dax and Gwen (voiced by Caspar Jennings and Tresi Gazal), face the curiosity of what lies beyond their familiar pond. The scenes are exquisite, and every animated detail is rich with meaning and beautiful with vibrant color, gloriously moving the plot along. There are no bad scenes. The graphics and special effects alone deserve a full five stars.

Migration, in theaters December 22nd!

Despite the cast featuring lesser-known names, their performances were engaging, leaving no room for dull or awkward moments. Notably, celebrity appearances by Danny Devito and Awkwafina elicited surprised gasps from the adult audience. Overall the casting was well done, earning a well-deserved four stars.

The Mallard family confronts the dilemma of whether to remain in the comfort of their pond or embark on a migration adventure like other ducks. This theme is emphasized multiple times throughout the movie, encouraging the audience to consider the risk of spreading their own wings and taking their own chances.

Spurred on by another duck family, Mack and his family desire to take flight and wing their way on a migration adventure. An adventure that could lead to Jamaica or other points south. But will they fly away? Will they head to a dreamy tropical island? What destination awaits this feathered family? Will they actually take flight or remain grounded in fear and uncertainty? Uncle Dan, (voiced by Danny Devito), warns them that delaying their departure will lead to a life stuck in their pond.

Reluctantly leaving, the Mallard family ends up in New York City instead of heading south. The stark differences between the city and the south fascinate them, and they embrace the new adventure, though still yearning for Jamaica. Eventually reaching their desired destination after overcoming a few comedic obstacles, the movie delivers entertainment and wholesomeness suitable for all ages. However, while it is altogether entertaining, I must give it three stars for the lack of originality concerning the storyline with its slightly, overly used situations and their predictable solutions.

I immediately saw the film’s connection to graduating seniors like myself. Like the Mallard family leaving their pond, seniors are also preparing to leave their nests. The movie’s theme emphasizes the need to let go and embrace the uncertainties of the future.

Further, the protagonist’s father, Mack, learns the importance of releasing control over unforeseen outcomes. This journey parallels the seniors’ transition to adulthood, facing challenges like taxes, voting, and independent living. Last, the youngest duckling, Gwen, symbolizes finding joy in every experience, a great reminder to our graduating class that can let anxiety rob us of joy in the journey.

The film concludes with the Mallard family’s decision to explore even more of the world, heading to Antarctica. This mirrors the seniors’ impending journeys to different colleges, near and far. The message is clear: embracing the unknown is daunting but ultimately rewarding.

The whole Mallard family challenges the audience to incorporate it into their own individual lives by soaring high with the eagles to view a broad and beautiful landscape, rather than staying grounded and walking with the turkeys among constricting bushes.

Though seemingly cliché, it serves as a powerful reminder that, despite the uncertainties, the journey is worth it. As we venture into new territories, our familiar pond may provide comfort, but the vast ocean beckons for exploration! Spread your wings, Eagles!

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    Your writing is beautiful as always, Chloe! I loved the thought and connection, great job!