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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Sports Calendar 04-05 updated Feb. 22


February 2005

2/1-Boys BB vs. Firebaugh
Girls BB vs. Firebaugh
BS @ Tranquillity
GS @ Tranquility
2/4-Boys BB @ Fowler
Girls BB @ Fowler
BS @ Mendota
GS @ Mendota

2/7-GS vs. Fowler
2/8-Boys BB vs. Tranquillity
Girls BB vs. Tranquillity
BS vs. Fowler
2/10-GS vs. Caruthers
2/11-Boys BB @ Riverdale
Girls BB @ Riverdale
BS vs. Caruthers

2/15-Boys BB vs. Liberty
Girls BB vs. Liberty
2/16-18-BS CS Playoffs
2/16-25-GS CS Playoffs
2/18-Boys BB vs. Caruthers
Girls BB vs. Caruthers

2/25-BT @ Yosemite


3/1-BB Chowchilla Preseason Inv. @ home
3/3-BB Chowchilla Preseason Inv. @ Riverdale
3/3-5-GS @ Modesto Christian Tournament
3/4-5-BT @ Central Valley Tennis Classic
3/5-BB Chowchilla Preseason Inv. @ Chowchilla

3/8-BB Chowchilla Preseason Inv. @ Firebaugh
GS @ Laton
3/10-BB Chowchilla Preseason Inv. vs. Dos Palos
BT @ Liberty
3/11-BT vs. San Joaquin Memorial
3/12-BB Chowchilla Preseason Inv. vs. Mariposa
3/12-BB Chowchilla Preseason Inv. vs. Chowchilla

3/15-BT @ Firebaugh
3/16-BB vs. CVC
3/17-BT @ Fowler
GS @ Fowler
3/18-BB vs. Riverdale
3/19-22-BB @ Fowler Easter Classic
GS @ Fowler Easter Classic

3/29-BB @ Tranquillity
BT vs. Strathmore
GS vs. Mendota
3/31-BT @ Tranquillity
GS @ Tranquillity


4/1-BB vs. Liberty

4/5-BB @ Mendota
BT vs. Caruthers
GS vs. Caruthers
4/7-BT @ Riverdale
GS @ Riverdale
4/8-BB @ Caruthers

4/12-BB @ Firebaugh
BT vs. Liberty
GS vs. Liberty
4/14-BT vs. Firebaugh
GS vs. Firebaugh
4/15-BB @ Fowler

4/21-BT vs. Fowler
GS vs. Fowler
4/22-BB @ Riverdale

4/26-BB vs. Tranquillity
BT @ Strathmore
GS @ Mendota
4/28-BT vs. Tranquillity
GS vs. Tranquillity
4/29-BB @ Liberty


5/3-BB vs. Mendota
BT @ Caruthers
GS @ Caruthers
5/5-BT vs. Riverdale
GS vs. Caruthers
5/6-BB vs. Caruthers
5/7-BT @ WSL Playoffs

5/10-BB vs. Firebaugh
GS @ Liberty
5/11-18-BT CS Team Playoffs
5/12-GS @ Firebaugh
5/13-BB vs. Fowler
5/14-21-BT CS Valley Individual Finals

5/17-26-BB CS Div. 5 Playoffs
5/18-27-GS CS Div. 5 Playoffs



9/3-Football @ CVC

9/7-Tennis vs. Caruthers
9/8-Volleyball Caruthers Tourn. @ Caruthers
9/9-Tennis @ Fowler
9/10-Football vs. Immanuel @ Dinuba
9/11-Volleyball Caruthers Tourn. @ Caruthers

9/13-18-Volleyball Farmersville Tourn. @ Farmersville
9/14-Tennis vs. Firebaugh
9/15-Tennis vs. Memorial
9/16-Tennis vs. Riverdale
9/17-Football vs. Strathmore

9/21-Voleyball vs. Mendota
9/23-Tennis @ Tranquillity
Volleyball @ Tranquillity
9/24-Football vs. Coast Union
Tennis @ Coast Union
Volleyball @ Coast Union
9/25-Tennis @ Mission Prep
Volleyball @ Mission Prep cancelled, rescheduled for mid October

9/28-Tennis vs. Liberty
Volleyball vs. Liberty
9/30-Tennis @ Caruthers
Volleyball @ Caruthers


10/1-Football vs. Fowler

10/5-Tennis vs. Fowler
Volleyball vs. Fowler
10/7-Tennis @ Firebaugh
Volleyball @ Firebaugh
10/8-Football @ Farmersville

10/12-Tennis @ Riverdale
Volleyball @ Riverdale
10/14-Volleyball @ Mendota
10/15-Football @ Firebaugh

10/19-Tennis vs. Tranquillity
Volleyball vs. Tranquillity
10/21-Tennis @ Liberty
Volleyball @ Liberty
10/22-Football vs. Liberty (Homecoming)
10/23-Tennis League Tourn. TBA

10/26-Volleyball vs. Caruthers
10/26-11/5-Tennis CIF Playoffs TBA
10/28-Volleyball @ Fowler
10/29-Football vs. Mendota


11/2-Volleyball vs. Firebaugh
11/4-Volleyball vs. Riverdale

11/12-Football @ Tranquillity


12/1-5-Boys BB Kerman Tourn. @ Kerman
12/2-4-Girls BB Santa Maria Tourn. @ Santa Maria

12/6-GS vs. CVC
12/7-Girls BB vs. Laton
12/8-11-Boys BB San Diego Small Schools Tourn. @ San Diego
12-9-BS @Immanuel
GS vs. Immanuel
12/10-11-GS Hoover Tourn.

12/14-Girls BB vs. CVC
BS @ Riverdale
GS @ Riverdale
12/16-18-Girls BB CVC Invitational @ CVC
12/16-BS vs. Firebaugh
12/17-18-BS @ Garces Inv.
GS @ Garces Inv.

12/28-30-Boys BB FC Small Schools Tourn.

January 2005

1/3-GS vs. Liberty
1/4-Girls BB @ Mendota
BS vs. Liberty
1/5-Boys BB @ Mendota
1/6-Girls BB @ Firebaugh
GS vs. Tranquillity
1/7-Boys BB @ Firebaugh
BS vs. Tranquillity

1/10-GS vs. Mendota
1/11-Boys BB vs. Fowler
Girls BB vs. Fowler
BS vs. Mendota
1/13-Girls BB @ Tranquillity
1/14-Boys BB @ Tranquillity
BS @ Fowler
GS @ Fowler

1/18-Boys BB vs. Riverdale
Girls BB vs. Riverdale
BS @ Caruthers
GS @ Caruthers
1/20-Girls BB @ Liberty
GS vs. Riverdale
1/21-Boys BB @ Liberty
BS vs. Riverdale

1/25-Girls BB @ Caruthers
BS @ Firebaugh
GS @ Firebaugh
1/26- Boys BB @ Caruthers
1/28-Boys BB vs. Mendota
Girls BB vs. Mendota
BS @ Liberty
GS @ Liberty

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