CHP copter lands on campus

Other Staff

The sounds of spinning helicopter blades filled the air surrounding the campus as a CHP helicopter landed on the sports field. A large group of elementary kids on campus were mesmerized when Officer Avila, father of a student on campus, let them have a close-up view of a helicopter. Mike Brown, the pilot, and Andrea Brown, his flight technician, accompanied Avila.

Avila came to educate the elementary students about his profession, after being invited by an anonymous student.

Brown has been flying for 32 years, starting with the army, and has been working for the CHP for 28. His services are used by for all local government agencies.

The crew stressed the importance of reading, writing and academics to increase the student’s understanding about the inner workings of a helicopter.

According to Brown, the CHP helicopter can go up to speeds of 145 M.P.H., has a maximum ceiling of 23,000 feet and has an endurance time of 2 hours.

“We do fly the CHP Helicopter to schools functions,” Brown said. “We do around 20 school functions a year and our goal is to teach young people the importance of education.”