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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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    Announcement: 2008-04-03

    Grades 9-11
    April 14-16, 2008

    Monday April 14th
    Test Event Time Time
    Test Preparation 25 minutes 8:00 ? 8:25
    Reading Vocabulary 25 minutes 8:25 ? 8:50
    Break 5 minutes 8:50 ? 8:55
    Reading Comprehension 50 minutes 8:55 ? 9:45
    Science 35 minutes 9:45 ? 10:20
    Break 5 minutes 10:20 ? 10:25
    Period 1 30 minutes 10:25 ? 10:55
    Period 2 30 minutes 11:00 ? 11:30
    Period 3 30 minutes 11:35 ? 12:05
    Lunch 30 minutes 12:10 ? 12:40
    Period 4 30 minutes 12:45 ? 1:15
    Period 6 30 minutes 1:20 ? 1:50
    Period 7 30 minutes 1:55 ? 2:25
    Period 8 30 minutes 2:30 ? 3:00
    Tuesday April 15th
    Test Event Time Time
    Test Prep 10 minutes 8:00 ? 8:10
    Math 50 minutes 8:10 ? 9:00
    Break 10 minutes 9:00 ? 9:10
    Spelling 30 minutes 9:10 ? 9:40
    *MAKE UP TESTS* 30 minutes 9:40 ? 10:20*
    Break 5 minutes 10:20 – 10:25
    Period 1 30 minutes 10:25 ? 10:55
    Period 2 30 minutes 11:00 ? 11:30
    Period 3 30 minutes 11:35 ? 12:05
    Lunch 30 minutes 12:10 ? 12:40
    Period 4 30 minutes 12:45 ? 1:15
    Period 6 30 minutes 1:20 ? 1:50
    Period 7 30 minutes 1:55 ? 2:25
    Period 8 30 minutes 2:30 ? 3:00

    *MAKE UP TESTS: Those who did not finish the sections already given, use this time to do so. Those who have finished are to stay in class and BE QUIET so the others can continue to take their test.

    1. All students who come to school after 8 A.M. must sign in either in the J.H. or H.S. office to receive an excused or unexcused pass to class.

    2. BEFORE any student can leave the campus, the student must present a note excusing the student, a parent must call to excuse the student, or a parent must come in and sign the student out. FCS is responsible for the students during class hours, and it is imperative that the office knows that a student is going off campus BEFORE the fact.

    Parents, please do not allow a student to drive home then call the office to let us know that he has been excused to go home. The office must know before the student leaves the campus that he/she is being excused to leave and the student MUST sign out. Please note that in case of an emergency, it is critcal that FC is able to account for all students.

    3. The only time the parent MUST come in to sign the student to go off campus is for lunch. The school will not allow another parent to sign students out unless the parents of the students being taken out receive a prior verbal authorization from FC administrator. On the day of the lunch, the invited students must bring written notes from their parents specifically stating that another parent (by name) has permission to take their students out for lunch; the note must be dated. The parent who is taking the students off campus must come in and sign all of them out.

    4. If a student is being excused to go for an appointment, please give the student a note. The student will show the note to the teacher and be excused from class, then the student will give the note to one of the offices and sign out. This prevents the office from having to interrupt a class by calling in over the PA system to excuse the student.

    Fresno Christian Schools is a closed campus. No student may go off campus for lunch unless their own parent comes into the office to sign their student out. The exception is the seniors who have signed lunch passes. Friends and family members may not visit the campus, even during lunch, without prior permission from the administration, and the visitors must wear a visitor’s pass on the day of visitation.

    The purpose of dress regulations is to help each student set a standard for personal appearance that is appropriate. Each student is expected to demonstrate pride in her appearance, always working toward a Biblical approach to life both on and off campus, as it reflects individually on the student and collectively on the school.

    A properly attired student will help promote an atmosphere which is conducive to study and productive work in a Christian school. The Bible emphasizes the importance of inner beauty rather than the outward appearance. Any apparel which draws undue attention to the wearer tends to detract from the educative process and is inappropriate.

    The dress code policy is outlined in the student handbook published online at Each student during the first day of school was also issued a dress code highlights sheet to help clarify most commonly asked questions. However, the office personnel are available to answer questions at 299-1695, ext. 5.

    It is encouraged that students put names on all the items being brought to school for easy identification. Also, it is NOT a good idea to keep lockers unlocked for easy access by placing a jamming item in it.

    All students enrolled in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalc/Trig (as well as the corresponding Honors courses) are REQUIRED to purchase the following hand-held graphing utility: the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. Please do NOT purchase the similar, but different, TI-84 Plus. Costco, Office Max, Target, and Office Depot are reported to have the lowest prices. Families unable to purchase the calculator for financial reasons should contact Mike Fenton at [email protected] or 299-1695, ext. 144.

    Attention freshmen and sophomores: The downstairs restrooms in Bldg. 6 are to be used only by the juniors, seniors and faculty. The upperclassmen may turn the underclassmen in for using the ground floor restrooms.

    A student may miss a total of only 15 days per class per semester, whether excused or unexcused. On the sixteenth absence the student will fail to receive credit for the class. Absences will be counted for illness, appointments, school events, and any other situation in which the student does not participate in class work and activities.

    A student may exceed the 15-day limit if he/she has a long-term illness and a medical doctor has stated in writing the student may not return to school for an extended time. In this case specific dates need to be indicated so absences will not be counted against the student. Administration may also make exceptions for students with special circumstances (family emergencies, death in immediate family, funerals, special needs, etc.).

    All students must report to the office after their absence from school before going to their first class. The office must receive a verbal or written note from a parent or guardian stating reason for absence.

    If a student comes to school late, he/she must sign-in in JH or HS office prior to reporting to the class. If a student does not have a note excusing the tardiness, or if the parent has not called in to excuse the tardiness, a red unexcused admit slip will be given, which the student must present to the teacher. If a student has an excuse note, or if the parent has called in, the student will be given a yellow excussed admit slip to give to the teacher. A parent may call the office later in the day to excuse the tardiness.

    No student can participate in a sports event or any other extracurricular activity unless he/she is present for half of a day. The only exception is for the student has an excused medical appointment or has administrative permission.

    Students are to sign out prior to leaving campus for any reason. The office must have a parental note or phone call prior to giving an off campus pass and the students are to be picked up only by responsible adults. Students that return to campus must report to the office and sign back in.

    If there are any questions, please call 299-1695, ext. 123 for junior high, and ext. 125 for high school.

    Fresno Christian Schools has a wealth of available information for their students and families. The Library Media Center has prepared a handout that contains the instructions and information regarding these databases that are available to campus students online.
    The information includes:
    World Book Encyclopedia
    EBSCOhost–a periodical search and database
    Newsbank–a newspaper search and information database
    FCS Library–searchable online

    Don’t miss out on these research tools! Stop in one of the offices and pick up a flyer. Students can also access the media center by clicking on the FCS Media Center link on right menu bar. The patron bar code and password are the students’ user ID.

    Moms in Touch are junior high and high school moms meeting for prayer every Friday, 8-9 A.M. in room 204 of Peoples Church. For more information, call Mary Ann Fujihara at 298-7953.

    Do you have the gift of encouragement? Can you reguarly pray for your favorite teacher or staff member? Then, being a secret PEST (Parents Encouraging Staff and Teachers) is for you.

    The PEST program is an opportunity to show the campus staff how much they are appreciated. A PEST is someone who is assigned one or more staff member(s) to anonymously encourage throughout the school year. Through prayer, cards, treats or small gifts, parents or other interested community members can be a blessing to someone who works daily to serve students.

    Here’s how to sign up:
    * Pick up a form in the office or…

    * Call Michele Richards, PEST coordinator, at 433-6638 or e-mail her at [email protected] with your name, mailing address and phone #. Include the teacher or staff member you would like to PEST.

    * In the mail, you will receive a detailed profile of your staff member (pestee) to help you get to know them better. I’ll also send you more information on the program and a list of inexpensive and fun pesting ideas.

    * Start praying for the teacher/staff member!

    * Use the “PEST basket” in any of the school offices to drop off any cards, goodies or small gifts and they will be secretly delivered for you.

    Administration would like to see every staff member receive a PEST.

    Library Media Center hours
    Monday thru Thursday 7:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
    Friday 8:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

    Books may be checked out for four weeks.
    Materials may be renewed.
    Cost for lost, damaged, or items not returned is $30.

    Should a student need to leave school during the day for an appointment or for personal reasons, administration requests that the parent send a note with the student to excuse him/her from class. This will avoid calling into classrooms and disrupting it to call the student out. All students must sign out before they leave school and sign back in, if they return the same day.

    Due to construction of the Peoples Church Chapel, it is important that parents follow the following guidelines for drop off and pick-up before and after school.

    The junior high student’s drop off area will be in front of Ground Zero, the Cedar Ave. side. Students are not allowed in the Peoples Church office breezeway.

    The high school student’s area will be the other side of Ground Zero, the high school parking lot side.

    Due to fire code, no student may leave any sports duffle bags, backpacks, or any other item at the end of the hall ways. Items left will be confiscated.

    The updated dress code policy is published online at under the Handbook menu button. Administration has encouraged students and their parents/guardians to review the policy.

    If a student needs to leave school during the day for an appointment or for personal reasons, administration requests that a parent/guardian send a note with their student to excuse them from class. All students must sign out before they leave school and sign back in when they return.

    California State law dictates that the only medications which can be given to students are those medications that the parents send to school with an explanatory note. This includes such analgesics as Tylenol and Advil.

    There is a great need for high school students who would be willing to tutor peers, and/or junior high and elementary students in various subjects. Tutors would be paid and tutoring times are somewhat flexible. Many students are needing tutors and this is an opportunity to impact others in a very positive way – and get paid for doing so. If this is a job that is of interest to you, see Debbie Siebert in the Learning Resource Center in the library.

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