Freshmen struggle in movie production

Other Staff

The tradition of Night of the Stars, the annual campus film festival, will continue on Feb. 12. Each class will premiere a movie entirely created and acted out by members of each class.

The freshmen class battles inexperience as they try produce a quality film before the due date. As the cameramen shake and characters recite the wrong lines, the freshmen class worries about the outcome of their film.

“Our filming has been stressful,” Claire Kister, ’08, said. “It is kind of hard organizing all of the people and following the script. The preparations are probably the hardest part because we need to get the whole crew together in order to make a successful film.”

A three-person writing team concocted the script used in the movie: Kara Linkowski, Katelyn Aydelotte and Brittany Lauber, all freshmen.

“We had an unique time writing the script,” Linkowski said. “We are not used to writing movies, but I think it turned out better than we had hoped. The hardest part was including all the required scenes, like the love scene.”

Originally, their movie plot included a biography of campus athletic director Scott Callisch. Then, the writing team went back to the chalkboard for an even more off-the-wall-plot.

“The story has drastically changed when compared to what we had originally planned,” Aydelotte said. “Our story now tells about how students find out the mysterious secrets of Callisch’s life outside of school.”

The freshmen hope that working together as a class will benefit them during future events.

“I enjoy my time spent filming the movie,” Matthew Nickel said. “None of us have really acted before, but it is an intersecting experience. I think next year’s movie and our other events will be more organized and will have a better turnout.”

The movies will be shown at Night of the Stars at Copper River on Feb. 12. For more information about Night of the Stars, contact leadership adviser Josh Tosland at 299-1695, ext. 152.